Standing Up

The last thing we want to encourage! Its a swimming lesson, not a standing lesson, we all know how to stand!

However, adults need to feel in control or they panic.

There is a good reason adults can’t swim, everyone has a story to tell. The fear is ingrained from a young age and will take time to suppress. It never really goes away, just becomes controlled.

Being able to stop, regain a standing position and breath is critical for building confidence in a nervous adult beginner through small techniques that give them control.

From the back: “Take a breath, extend your arms in the air and bend forward until your face is in the water. Now wait and watch your feet sink. Once they are on the pool floor you can safely stand”

From the front: The head must stay still and be the last part of the body to move, even though this is the priority for a panicking adult!

“Bend the knees under your chest until you can see them on the floor, then stand.”

Sweeping arms can then be added to help.