Our Team

Baby and Toddler Teachers

Weekend Manager, Head Teacher, P&C Coordinator, Coach, Lifeguard, Aquanatal & Aquafit Instructor

AJAJ learnt to swim at Shirley Swimming Pool from a young age and went on to become a competitive swimmer for Southampton Dolphins, soon reaching the national level. Shortly after leaving Southampton Dolphins AJ realised how much she missed the pool and Dave offered to train her up as an assistant swimming teacher at the age of 14, giving her shifts on Saturday mornings.

By the time she was eighteen AJ was a fully qualified Level Two teacher and began full time employment at Shirley Pool. Since then AJ has become an aqua fit instructor and a mum of twins. In November 2017 AJ qualified as an ASA Parent & Child Teacher.


Certificate Teacher, P&C Teacher, Aquafit Instructor & Lifeguard

img_6686“Babs” joined the pool, first as a lifeguard, then receptionist and now a trained  swimming teacher and Parent & baby swim teacher. Educated at St.Annes, Babs is a natural with children of all ages and a firm favourite in our Beginners. She leads popular Aquafit classes twice a week.

” I love working here, the other teachers are so nice to me, I hope I can work here forever”

We hope so too Babs!

An trained Parent & Child teacher and  experienced ASA Level 2 Instructor,  Philomena is to be seen in both pools teaching at all levels.


L2 Swimming Instructor, P&C Instructor & Lifeguard

Leah learned to swim at Shirley and returns as an experienced and qualified teacher.

With support from Aunty AJ, Leah has been able to slip into the teaching team with ease and become a  welcome addition.


Level 2 teacher and Saints Swim Club coach

Izzy has been at Shirley Swimming Pool for many years, coming through our learn to swim programme, and continuing on to become regional and national level champion competitive swimmer.

Between studying full time at college and an exhausting swim training programme, Izzy can still be found poolside on Saturday mornings, training her next champion swimmers!


L2 Swimming Instructor / Leisure Assistant/ Saints Coach & Emergency Pool Responder

Sam has been with Shirley Pool for a few years now, he initially came to us for a week of work experience and enjoyed it so much he qualified as an NPLQ Lifeguard and qualified as a Level 2 Instructor.

L2 Swimming Instructor, P&C Instructor, Leisure Assistant & Lifeguard

Ruby started working at Shirley Swimming Pool in June 2022.

Since then she has qualified as a Swimming Instructor and a Parent & Baby Instructor.

Ruby comes from a background of being in water having been a competitive National Syconised swimmer. You will find Ruby working in Reception as she’s also a qualified Lifeguard.

Ruby is a much-loved instructor with the kids and hopes to start teaching Synconised swimming lessons soon…

L2 Swimming Instructor

Issy and her sister Evie both recently joined our team. They came with the qualification of ASA Swimming Assistant having worked in another leisure pool.

They both used to swim in our Dolphins Club as competitive swimmers and are now getting their Swimming Instructor qualifications through us for STA Level 2 Instructor so you’ll soon see them covering classes.

L2 Swimming Instructor, Leisure Assistant & Emergency Pool Responder

Evie and her sister Issy both recently joined our team. They came with the qualification of ASA Swimming Assistant having worked in another leisure pool.

They both used to swim in our Dolphins Club as competitive swimmers and are now getting their Swimming Instructor qualifications through us for STA Level 2 Instructor so you’ll soon see them covering classes.

L2 Swimming Instructor

Natasha join the team early 2023, foloowing in her sister Isabellas footsteps. She achieved her STA Level 2 Swim Instructor qualification here at Shirley Pool

Natasha is currently studying English and Psychology and working at the pool part-time. She was one of our Competitive swimmers in the Dolphins Swim Club and has been swimming since the age of 6 months. In her spare time, she enjoys yoga and spending time with her family & friends

Level 2 Award Swimming Instructor & Lifeguard

Level 2 Award Swimming Instructor & Lifeguard

Robbie joined the team this Summer having newly qualified as a NPLQ Lifeguard.

Robbie has a strong background in swimming having learned at Shirley Swimming Pool and moving up through the levels to Saints Swim Club.

Robbie is also training to become a Swimming Assistant so you’ll also find him in the pool some weekday afternoons.

STA Level 2 Award Insructor & Lifeguard


STA Level 2 Award Insructor

STA Level 2 Award Swimming Instructor

Aquafit Instructors

Aquafit Instructor


Pernel Hippolyte was born and raised in St Lucia. He is very ambitious and motivated person, who is passionate about health and fitness work and social relationships his favourite cote (”Goodbye calories we don’t need you anymore”)

In 2009 he enrolled with American Sports Fitness Association where he obtain his Masters in sport science and nutrition. In 2016 he travel to the UK where he studied Kinesiology and Physiology Pernel has being a Personal Trainer for over 15 years he has help motivate and encouraging others with positive life changes experiences in many ways.

Expertise: Master Personal Trainer, Aqua Fit, Sports Masseur, Swimming Instructor, Kinetics and Physiology Yoga, Pilates, Indoor Cycling, Meditation and healing, Nutrition and Detoxification, Stretch and Release.

Leisure Assistants

FOH Manager & Emergency Pool Responder


Leisure Assistant & Emergency Pool Responder



Leisure Assistant & Lifeguard

Leisure Assistant & Lifeguard


Leisure Assistant & Lifeguard

Big Red Bus Cafe 

Cafe Server

Gabriela works in the Bus Cafe on Saturdays for the breakfast run and any birthday parties booked.

During the week hot beverages can be purchased at Reception



Cafe Server

Keeley is a new recruit whom you’ll find in the Bus Cafe on Mondays, Fridays & Sundays ready to serve you nice hot coffee, or maybe cool off with an ice cream?



Cafe Server

Ruby ia also new to the Big Red Bus Cafe, you’ll find her on the bus Tuesdays – Thursdays when she’s not studying Catering at College


Luke Perry
Managing Director

Luke Perry has worked, on and off since 2002. Starting as a Saturday boy, Luke soon learnt the teaching methods and philosophies of the swim school and became qualified as an ASA Teacher.

He went on to gain Beach Lifeguard and Surf Instructor qualifications while studying & working in Cornwall. Luke used his experience as a part-time chef to help launch the BIG RED Bus Cafe in 2014.

Luke became  the Managing Director of Shirley Pool in 2020.

Pool Manager / Level 2 Instructor

Kerry joined Shirley Pool in 2017 having relocated to Southampton following a 16-year Management career for ODEON Cinemas.

Diving straight into her role as Receptionist, Kerry quickly picked up the systems and became Front of House Manager in January 2018.

Since then she has continued to show her dedication and commitment to Shirley Pool and is now our Pool Manager, running the day-to-day operation of the Pool.

Earlier this year Kerry qualified as a Level 2 Instructor and will be seen in the pool covering small pool classes and running Crash Courses

Gina Negus
Company Secretary

Gina joined Shirley Pool in 2019 as Receptionist.

A mother of two, Gina brings her parenting experience and enthusiasm to the baby teaching classes.

Although acting as  companies secretary, Gina will often be seen in the small pool after completing the STA Parent & Baby qualification.

West End Swim School Directors

Dave Perry

davidDave Perry started working at the Shirley Pool in the summer of 1974, helping his Dad barrow the earth for the pool foundations as a schoolboy and returned full time in 1993 to run the business. Qualifying as a swimming teacher in 1981 and then as an ASA Tutor he has many years experience in the water and is the driving force behind the current teaching philosophy.

“We have been gifted with lovely teachers over the years, who really enjoy teaching children to swim. We have taken American and Australian influences and the best teaching practices we can find here to build the plan, but it’s always evolving. Consistency of teachers is vital and if you look at the other teachers on this page there are some common themes: they are all very proud of their work, love teaching swimming . My Dad, Frank, designed the perfect teaching pools and I am proud to have built the business up from that foundation with the help of a great team ”

Although officially retired, David can often be seen as an extra in the water, helping develop the younger teachers. A qualified STA Tutor, David leads the pool’s teacher training courses.

Viv Perry

jackAlthough Viv does not have regular toddler or baby classes, she will often be seen at the pool, stepping in to take an early morning class when a teacher can’t make it. It’s not just that she lives close to the pool though, Viv is also the longest serving baby teacher having started at Shirley in1990.

In those days, when the oldest boy, Callum, was at playgroup, Luke (2) would be sat on poolside with the playdough while Mum taught. Later, Jack, the youngest boy, would be juggled on an arm while Viv helped on reception. Throughout the development of the pool and building the business, Viv was ever present.