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Swimming Teachers

Jane Monger (Under Five Teacher)

janeJane has worked at Shirley Pool since 1988. She was first interviewed by Val and Ruth Perry for a few hours work as a lifeguard and receptionist, a job that was only expected to last six months. Now the pools longest serving teacher, Jane still enchants the toddlers on a Thursday and Friday lunchtime.

Married with three children and two grandchildren, Jane enjoys a range of leisure activities including long distance cycling, tennis and variety of dancing such as Salsa, Ballroom and Morris.

‘I love my work teaching in the warm water of the small pool with all my young friends and hope to continued being ‘’mummy dolphin’’ for many years to come.’

Vicky Mazzara

VickyVicky started swimming at age six, joined a local club and fell in love with the sport, reaching Regional and National Level as a swimmer. Vicky’s teaching career began as a lifeguard in pools around the City, gradually picking up the skills and qualifications to become a full time teacher.

In 2010 Vicky joined Shirley Swimming Pool as a Parent and Child and toddler teacher. Vicky is looking forward to a long career at Shirley Pool as a teacher.

‘I enjoy working at Shirley Swimming Pool because it manages to produce a relaxed, friendly, family atmosphere yet still retains a very high standard of teaching.’

Matt Heathcock

One of the country’s top swimming coaches, Matt joined the Coaching Staff at Shirley Swimming Pool in November 2017 to assist with the training of the club’s up and coming youngsters.

Matt Heathcock (35) had been the Head Coach at Windsor and London’s biggest swim Club, Camden Swiss Cottage; been involved with County, Regional, National and International training camps and teams; Great Britain Head Coach to three Junior European Open Water teams and Head Coach to two Junior World Open Water teams, Matt has also worked alongside two Olympic Coaches – Dave Heathcock and Bob Pay.

” I met up by chance with Dave (Perry) at Wembley when Saints played and I told him I had been keeping an eye on Chris and the Dolphins. It’s amazing how they keep producing great swimmers out of that tiny pool, I hope I can help keep that going”

Matt’s involvement with swimming began at an early age and he competed up to Regional level. At the age of 16, Matt  began teaching swimming, progressing to becoming an Assistant Coach and a full time coach at 20.


AJAJ learnt to swim at Shirley Swimming Pool from a young age and went on to become a competitive swimmer for Southampton Dolphins, soon reaching national level. Shortly after leaving Southampton Dolphins AJ realised how much she missed the pool and Dave offered to train her up as an assistant swimming teacher at the age of 14, giving her shifts on Saturday mornings.

By the time she was eighteen AJ was a fully qualified Level Two teacher and began full time employment at Shirley Pool. Since then AJ has become an aqua fit instructor, a mum of twins and is currently training to be an assistant coach for the Dolphins swimming club. In November 2017 AJ qualified as an ASA Parent & Child Teacher.

Rebecca Richards

Head Coach Rebecca Richards leads the competitive section of the swim school, Southampton Dolphins Swimming Club.

After eight years successful coaching in USA and Singapore in some of the world’s leading swim programs, Coach was recruited to build the highly successful junior swim team. With constant and increasing success at County Regional and National level, the club is recognised as one of the leading junior clubs in the South of England.

A competitive triathlete, Coach bring bundles of enthusiasm to her work along with the very latest technical advancements in age group swimming.

Dave Perry

davidDave Perry started working at the Shirley Pool in the summer of 1974, helping his Dad barrow the earth for the pool foundations as a schoolboy and returned full time in 1993 to run the business. Qualifying as a swimming teacher in 1981 and then as an ASA Tutor he has many years experience in the water and is the driving force behind the current teaching philosophy.

“We have been gifted with lovely teachers over the years, who really enjoy teaching children to swim. We have taken American and Australian influences and the best teaching practices we can find here to build the plan, but its always evolving. Consistency of teachers is vital and if you look at the other teachers on this page there are some common themes: they are all very proud of their work, love teaching swimming but most important, they have been here a long time. My Dad, Frank, designed the perfect teaching pools and I am proud to have built the business up from that foundation with the help of a great team ”

Jo Anna Tallack

jo-anneJo Anne Tallack joined the pool in 2014  having spent all of her working life as a  swimming teacher. Qualifying in 2003, at the tender age of 16, Jo has never wanted to do anything else and is now an integral part of the teaching team at Shirley Pool. Her pastimes centre around her pets, four guinea pigs and two dogs. Favourite food: Chocolate!

Viv Perry

jackAlthough Viv does not have regular toddler or baby classes, she will often be seen at the pool, stepping in to take an early morning class when a teacher can’t make it. It’s not just that she lives close to the pool though, Viv is also the longest serving baby teacher having started at Shirley in1990.

In those days, when the oldest boy, Callum, was at playgroup, Luke (2) would be sat on poolside with the playdo while Mum taught. Later, Jack, the youngest boy, would be juggled on an arm while Viv helped on reception. Throughout the development of the pool and building the business, Viv has been ever present and remains an active member of the management team.

These days, Viv mostly works on the management and accounts of the business, when she’s not swimming.

Shelly Brenton

Shelly joined Shirley Pool in late 2016 as qualified Lifeguard, Parent and Baby and STA Swimming Teacher. With a toddler of her own, Shelly brings a natural mothering instinct to her classes.

Robert Young

A Manchester University graduate, Robert has competed in Biathlons on the national and international stage. He has spent the past few years teaching and coaching to a high standard in Saltburn as well as working on the beach as a lifeguard. Robert hopes to bring his experience on the racecourse into the swim school.

Clodagh Dear

Clo began teaching swimming in 2012 at her local club in Bournemouth, Dorset. Qualifying first as teacher and then a Level Two Swimming Coach, Clodagh was promoted to coach age group swimmers at the well regarded Swim Bournemouth and was selected as part of the National Young Coaches Academy scheme. Southampton Dolphins poached Clodagh in 2016 to help their burgeoning squad and she has now become a popular and ever present member of the teaching staff

Layna Thorne

Layna joined Shirley Pool as lifeguard and swimming teacher in 2017. Inspired by her love of water to forge a career in teaching, Layna is a keen windsurfer and sailor.

Recently qualified as a Parent & Child Teacher, Layna will often be seen covering holiday shifts as well as her own classes

Rosie Windsor

Born in Cornwall, Rosie studied art at Falmouth University before moving to Romsey in early 2017 to start full time at Shirley Pool.

A qualified STA and ASA Level 2, Rosie has also completed her training as a Parent & Child Teacher. An experienced photographer, Rosie spends her summer weekends as a wedding photographer .

Finlay Forder

 When Findlay was ten years old, he asked his swimming teacher how he could learn to be a teacher himself. Five years later, Finlay nominated the pool for  work experience. The staff were so impressed with his work ethic and communication skills, Finlay was taken on as a permanent Saturday assistant . In the summer of 2017, Findlay became a fully qualified lifeguard and Level Swimming Teacher.

Jodie Yates

Jodie has been swimming at Shirley since she was 8 years old. Qualified as an ASA Level One swim teacher, Jodie assists in the water on Saturdays and Crash Courses.

Reception Staff

Joan Williams

joanJoan started working at Shirley Pool, four days a week, in 2012 as the Back Office Manager in charge of direct debits and Human Resources. It was the first appointment of a permanent administrator. After thirty five years in the banking world, eighteen as a Branch Manager Joan took on the Shirley Pool role to give her a day a week with the grandchildren. Joan has been married for forty years and has two grown up sons.

You will seldom see Joan on your visits to the pool as she works in the portacabin, at the rear of the pool, but she is the one you can contact if you should be having any problems with your payments.

‘We have a great team of staff here at Shirley Pool who all aim to make your time with us as enjoyable as possible.’

Luke Perry

P1000004 Luke Perry has worked, on and off since 2002. Starting as a Saturday boy, Luke soon learnt the teaching methods and philosophies of the swim school and became qualified as an ASA Teacher. He went on to gain Beach Lifeguard and Surf Instructor qualifications while studying & working in Cornwall.Luke used his experience as a part time chef to help launch the BIG RED Bus Cafe in 2014 and continues to help manage the ever growing swim school. Luke was appointed Managing Director in June 2017

Abbie Heiden


Abbie Heiden has been part of the team since 2003, first as an assistant, then a lifeguard and teacher. Abbie also qualified as a personal trainer and aerobics instructor before starting a family in 2010. Since returning to work at the pool in 2015, Abbie has taken charge of the reception and now works full time as Front Of House Manager. Happily married, Abbie has two young boys, both aspiring swimmers.

Agnes Nemeth


Agnes Nemeth, originally from Hungary, came to England to study Logistics and English. Working her way up through cafes to become a trained barista, Agnes took a job on the Big Red Bus Cafe in 2015. Since then she has become a key member of staff in the “back office” developing rotas and working on an electronic version of the pool registers. Her excellent skills are currently being used to develop a staff app for time sheets and a waiting list program for the ever expanding swim school.

Jack Perry

Jack has very early memories of the Shirley Swimming Pool. Born in 1996, he spent many hours at the pool while both parents worked full time managing and teaching. Naturally, he became a swimming teachers assistant and then a teacher. Starting on a Saturday morning at 14, Jack has always been popular with the children. With a calm, patient, persistent manner, Jack could often achieve results that evaded more experienced teachers. Throughout school examinations, he kept up his duties and was rewarded with his own classes in 2013. After completing his A levels, Jack indulged his passion for bikes and took up employment in the workshops at a local cycle shop, but still couldn’t bear to leave his Saturday classes.

Now studying Ocean Exploration and Survey in Plymouth, Jack continues to update the website and is still involved with the pool’s social media. In the summer months, Jack is full time at the pool.

 Ben Gardner

Starting at 6 years old, Ben has yet to leave. Progressing to Dolphins, Ben carved a respectable place as one of the top swimmers in the Club before qualifying as a swim teacher and lifeguard. Just started at Oxford University, Ben helps out at reception and on poolside when he is home.

 Barbara Wood


“Babs” has followed older brother Anthony to the pool, first as a lifeguard, then receptionist and now training to be a swimming teacher. Educated at St.Annes, Babs is a natural with children and has recently completed her Level One Swimming qualification so that she can assist with lessons. ” I love working here, the other teachers are so nice to me, I hope I can work here forever” We hope so too Babs! In November 2017, Babs began her own main pool Saturday classes after an impressive summer of teaching

Daisy Hunt

Fresh from Summer Camp in America as a lifeguard, Daisy joined the weekend team as a lifeguard and receptionist in November 2017. In the first of her four years studying Marine Biology at Southampton University, Daisy is a long way from her home town of Newcastle Emlyn, West Wales. Shirley Pool will surely become a home from home.

Jonathan Keough


“Jonny” learnt to swim at Shirley when he was 6 years old and returned as a lifeguard in 2016. When he is not working hard at college, Jonny opens the pool, lifeguards, checks the chemicals and assists with teaching. A real all rounder and great team member, Jonny qualified as a level One swimming Teacher in July 2017.

Big Red Bus Staff


img_6689-1Joining the team in September 2016, Martin took on the roll of head chef on theBig Red Bus Cafe and his welcoming demeanour and positive attitude has been a welcome addition to the bus.  The Big Red team team provide quality refreshments for waiting parents and a noisy activity centre at weekends for pool parties.