What Our Customers Say

Jenny Ambler My kids have had such fantastic teaching at Shirley Pool-I love to watch how much fun they have whilst making awesome progress-my two love learning with you guys. (Plus, you’re always so gracious when we lose our goggles
Kirsty Miller I love that I learnt how to swim there when I was 5 and now I’m taking my daughter there!! Amazin
Stephanie Hazell We love Shirley Pool because it is a local, family run business. The teachers are great and the pool is always looking for areas to improve and innovate.
Zoe Cassar Lovely staff. Clean swimming pools and brilliant patience with the young kiddies. Good luck everyone xx
Chelsea White Best swimming lessons for babies and toddlers the staff are all lovely and understanding of my child’s needs x
Rachel Rome How lovely and warm the baby pool is 😊
Nicola Aftanas Philomena is amazing Eloise really has taken to her enjoys her lessons, always leaving with a smile smile and confidence!! Great pools, facilities and staff.
Rachael Hillebrandt Lovely staff who are fun but firm well done x

we love swimming, my son was petrified of water when he began but he’s really progressed. Thank you to all his teachers x

Geraldine Faure When my son started to swim at Shirley swimming pool he was petrified of water and could not put one toe into the pool. Thanks to you, he overcame his fear and has now been swimming at your pool for 4 years. He now loves swimming and he is able to swim in the sea too! The way you teach the techniques is just brilliant! And of course Ashley Christopher is a brilliant teacher!
Karen Morris Fab instructors who take each child as an individual and work with them. Staff always helpful. Both my Sons have done amazing at Shirley Pool.
Chloe Cullen Amazing staff, with a lot of patience and support for my child with additional needs! Fantastic learning! My boy has been swimming with you since he was 2 and half and is now nearly 7 and still loves it! Fantastic place overall!
Katherine Paine We love how wonderful the teachers are, they’re so understand and don’t push to hard & take every lesson as it comes! Lyla especially loves Shelly!
Nicola Goodwyn Firm but friendly staff. Our Ash loves AJ.

Luke loves doing roly polys in big Luke’s lessons. The progression is brilliant at shirley. Well done all! 🏊🏼‍♂️

Nicky Hopkins Amazing staff who have taught my daughter to swim with incredible patience, and lots of good humour.
Karen Dove Best swimming lessons and teachers without a doubt. My daughter loved her lessons and always made fantastic progress. We always recommend you when people ask.
Sarah Cook Ollie loves the climbing ropes ,best idea yet ,great fun for everyone
Elissa Collins Dexter loves the lessons with Rob? (think that’s his name!) his progress is a really tangible thing for him, so he really responds to the teaching, and has ended moving up through the classes quite quickly! Plus you do reality good pizza and coffee, a must for us mums waiting! 👌
Donna Holt Lovely staff and very supportive to all including ones less confident. Kids loved the money in the pool and learning without thinking about it
Rhiannon Nicholson Friendly teaching staff, who are AMAZINGLY patient with my little rascal!
Rachel Corps Diving for coins to spend in the tuck shop! such a great way of keeping learning to swim fun and rewarding for little people!
Lisa Maunders The staff my kids love them there welcoming and friendly and my kids enjoy there swimming lessons
Ruth Vaughan The staff are great,friendly and approachable,they work hard at keeping everywhere clean and safe,
Katy Patrick The warm baby pool, we took our son when he was 9 weeks old for his very first swim and he loved it 🙂
Rachael Smith The staff as there all friendly and my child looks forward to her lesson every week

Lovely place, 100% would recommend.


I’m responding to your news letter but also to say how much I love and appreciate what you have done during the summer refurb.

I hurt my back last year and my physio recommended daily swimming which I try to continue to do. Therefore I wanted to say that the idea of having a lane for walking and hydrotherapy is fabulous and great to help those recovering from injury. I would have loved to do this last year.

I think everything looks Amazing  and the outside and the play area are so much better now and more cheerful.

I love shirley pool I learnt to swim here and I intend to keep on coming along for as long as I can.
Tracey Beckerleg
Marta Vazquez Lopez
May 2018
I have been doing adult lessons for over 2 months now. I cannot emphasize enough how excellent Rob is as a swimming instructor, he is very patient and knows how to keep us motivated and feeling like we are constantly achieving and progressing on our skills. Definitely the best asset this swimming pool has!!
Debbie Pritt
June 2018
really nice adult pool very clean always quiet when I arrive , I find the staff really helpful & always there to help if any questions, I took my children to use the small pool when they were young & learned to swim ,definitely recommended. .great pool
Eleonora Gibbs
November 2017
Relaxed pool with extremely friendly and competent staff. I’ve always felt encouraged despite being super morbidly obese and never stared at and my son is having weekly lessons and has gone from scared of water to jumping in on his own in a matter of weeks. His teacher, Jane, is amazing.
Richy Packam
December 2017
Fantastic place to learn to swim. Great friendly staff. Very clean.
Max White

Went last Thursday for a quick dip and it was exceptional. Very clean and a welcoming atmosphere. The staff were very polite too.

The prices are great too, especially for Southampton. Some places you’ll be £7 out of pocket for a swim! Here I paid £4.20 and had a lovely swim.

Tip: Check their website timetable for the best time to swim, otherwise give them a call. The front desk staff are exceptional.

James Childreviewed Shirley Swimming Pool — 5 star

Both my kids came to the pool unsure of swimming from a very early age and both have become water confident and able to swim thanks to the care and dedication of the team. There’s a friendly atmosphere at all times and I can’t recommend the lessons highly enough!

Emma Reynolds reviewed Shirley Swimming Pool — 5 star

My son had lessons for years elsewhere and hated swimming so much that he has refused to have lessons for the past couple of years. He has LOVED his week on the Crash Course and looked forward to every lesson. He has learned so much and is very excited to be coming back next week for lessons after school. Thank you so much!

Rebecca Dibden reviewed Shirley Swimming Pool — 5 star

June 28

Jane is an amazing teacher and I can’t thank her enough for how well my daughter Eleanor is progressing. Not even 4 1/2 yrs old and today she swam 25 meters backstroke all in her own!!!

Livia S

We want to say thank you to Shirley pool for the excellent lessons our daughter Lily-Anne has had with you in the past year. She went from timid to confident in the water, and is now starting front crawl movements with leg kicks. Needless to say, she loves her lessons and is always looking forward to them. We very much give credit to her fantastic teachers for this – she started with Rosie, and is now swimming with AJ and Shelly. We will miss Shirley pool when we move away in late August!

Judith Kipling reviewed Shirley Swimming Pool — 5 star

April 6

Alice hated being splashed, had no confidence in the water yet after a four day crash course at this great pool with lovely staff, she is so proud of achieving her level two in the jelly fish. Like Donna I highly recommend this pool for any sort of swimming.

Donna Holt reviewed Shirley Swimming Pool — 5 star

April 6

Excellent Excellent Excellent
Thank you so much for the great Easter Crash Course
Would highly recommend
I have two happy children that can’t wait to swim again

Laura Waterfield
a year ago
Very quiet even on the weekend, fairly clean, very shallow main pool. Good value for money.
Donna Nelson
2 years ago
Shirley is a family run pool which makes it much more personal than any other place I know. I feel like my children are part of the the Shirley family and all of their little steps are taken as a big success. My children have achieved more than I thought possible for such a young age. They feel confident in water and love going to the pool.

***** Jack Wells Google

This place is spectacular and run by an amazing family. Great facilities and the best cafe in a ten mile radius. It can get busy but that’s what happens to popular lovely places, people go there. I can’t see that it’s anything to complain about. Sometimes after the schools kick out the car park might be a tad swollen, that, however is certainly not the pool’s fault. Again its a popular busy place and everyone insists on driving. Walk, run , ride your bikes… there are any number of alternative transportation methods. I’ve swam here for ages and have never had any issues whatsoever. Smile, swim, have a bite to eat or a fresh coffee whatever you decide you’re in the best possible hands. Shirley pool for the win. 🙂

***** Josh Trebilcock Google

Shirleyswimmingpool is fantastic. My son has been having lessons there since he was 12 weeks old. I would really recommend.

***** Viv O’Conner Google

The teaching is excellent, well structured and great fun for the children. The small pool is so lovely a great place to start – safe and very warm. Highly organised and there’s progress all the way.

***** Ruth Watson 2015 Google

Went last Thursday for a quick dip and it was exceptional. Very clean and a welcoming atmosphere. The staff were very polite too. Look forward to returning A+

***** Max White Nov 9th 2015 Google

Standard of teaching is Amazing. My daughters have both loved swimming at Shirley, in fact I can’t keep them away from the place! The big Red bus is a great addition. I can recommend the pizza.

***** Tracey Yates Nov 10th 2015 Google

Swam here from the age of five to twelve and now couldn’t feel more confident in the water. Great pool and fantastic staff, definitely the best place in Southampton to learn to swim!

*****Tim Stringfellow Google

Dear David,

Just a short note to say that, with some sadness, that our relationship with Shirley Pool is coming to an end!

With Kirsty not wanting to carry on with Dolphins, she has out grown Turtles and there’s no Rookie, she feels she needs to explore other opertunities.

She wants to improve her fitness as she is going on a waterskills trip with school in May (something she wouldn’t have done without Shirley Pool’s input.)

Thank you for the 13 years and many classes and events we’ve been involved with!

Thank you for giving Kirsty the gift of being a confident swimmer!

Mrs Woods, St. Deny’s

Our family are moving back to Australia, please pass on an enormous thank you to all the staff at Shirley Swimming Pool. Jeremy has absolutely loved attending your lessons. In particular, thank you to Jane, Jeremy’s swimming teacher. Jane is a brilliant swimming teacher, and Jeremy’s swimming has improved immensely since being under her guidance. We have been very thankful to have Jeremy attending such a high quality swimming school. We are sorry that we can’t take Jane back to Australia with us!

We are also very appreciative of the unlimited make up classes, it is a wonderful service and has enabled Jeremy to progress in swimming despite any illnesses and
holidays away.

We would highly recommend your swim school to anyone.”

Ben & Jacinta Milne, Southampton

“ Weʼd like to thank you and the team of swimming instructors for all your help, encouragement and training that you have given Ollie over the last 8 years.
Now Ollie is a confident swimmer he would like to swim with his friends. Can we again thank you, we do appreciate the work put in to teaching Ollie to swim.”

Mrs White, Romsey.

“We are about to move away and have to have to stop swimming. Thank you for everything. The children have thoroughly enjoyed the lessons and we are sad to leave”

Mrs Powell



“Since joining Shirley Pool around two years ago, I as a parent have seen such an improvement in his confidence and swimming ability and I have, and will continue to, recommend you to others in the community”

Mrs Estlea

“Thank you and the staff for all you have done to teach our children to swim confidently. We will continue to support and recommend you at Shirley Pool”

Denyn Robinson, Shirley.

“Bradley has made such amazing progress since attending your swim schoo but we are finding the journey too much. If you ever open a swim school this side of Shirley, please let us know.”

Karen Isles, Shedfield, Hampshire

“Sam has had a fantastic experience at Shirley Swimming Pool and I am relieved that he can swim well. Thank you for all the help you have given him over the years. It is much appreciated”

Felicity Woodcock, Shirley

“We have thought long and hard about this, and with a heavy heart we have decided to end the girls swimming. We’re very, very grateful to you and your colleagues for all the hard work you’ve put in over the many years and Eleanor’s love of swimming is in no small part down to you, thanks again.”

Richard Porges, Chandlers Ford

“We have been delighted with the progress daisy has made and feel she is a confident and able swimmer, definitely out swimming us as she is very speedy! We would like to thank her swimming teachers for all the hard work and effort shown to Daisy, she has always spoken highly of them”

Belinda Murray, Freemantle

Just fantastic. They have taught me and the rest of my family to swim. I have met some of the nicest people you could want to meet there – staff and other swimmers. Brilliant teachers, brilliant pool.

***** Chris Cole Google

Take my son Aidan to Swimming lessons every Wednesday morning,
Staff are Excellent,The teacher (Vicki) is Outstanding and overall a terrific place to either swim yourself or receive teaching!

Tony Stubbs

Great little treasure of the community. Dedicated teachers, friendly and efficient reception staff and a fantastic and unique cafe in the car park.

***** Luke Perry Google

Roger comes home from his swimming classes beaming – he said he has a lovely time and meets lots of nice people there. We have been going for years and the place has such a local feel to it. The cafe is great too!

***** Fred Andrews Google

Fab teachers, great teaching methods which is all done in a fun way! Good coffee too!

**** Jacqui Neil Google

I grew up learning at Shirley Pool. Fantastic experience every time! I have continued to use this Pool from when my lessons ended and have enjoyed watching the service improve and the facilities grow!

***** Tom Watson Google

Good all around service. Changing rooms and pool area are maintained well by the friendly staff. I learned to swim here and have continued to use the facilities regularly since!

***** Will Johnson Google

Dear David,

This is to inform you that Grace will be leaving at the end of May.

I would like to thank you and the team (especially Chris!) for teaching her to swim and giving her years of acheivement and pleasure – She loves swimming and wants to go further.

Thanks again

Fiona Jeffery, Shirley

After 8 years, Jamie has decided to hang up his goggles and become the next Man Utd star… he has been coming to swimming lessons non stop since he was 4 months old and has progressed amazingly with all of your hard work. Many thanks again-we think you are doing a great job and should all feel very proud of how you have helped so many children(and adults) in their quests to swim”

Helen Ridley, Shirley.

“Thank you for all the swimming skills that you have taught Jamie. He has really enjoyed the sessions with you.”

Mrs mcBride, Bitterne Park

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all and especially Jane as Imogen’s main teacher for teaching Imogen to swim and making it such a fun experience”

Richard Bryant, Rownhams



”Thank you for providing most fantastic swimming lessons for my daughter, Mili. She has very much enjoyed her time with all her teachers and has benefitted greatly from lessons and crash courses. Look forward to returning to your well organised swimming school. Best wishes and thanks.”

Gabriella Valiceh-D’Arcy, Bitterne

“we would like too say how happy we have been with the excellent swimming instructors that she has had since coming and hope that you can pass on our thanks to them”

Hayley hammick

“Evie loved her lessons with Chloe on a Saturday morning. We will definitely use the pool in future and have recommended to others as they have been excellent”

E.Barley, Southampton February 2011

“We’d like to thank you for the excellent swimming lessons Mathilda has had over the last year. Phil, Chloe and Pete have all been great and Mathilda has thoroughly enjoyed their lessons. Thank you to all the team at Shirley Pool for making it all work so well.”

Vick Parker, Southampton October 2010

“I am so thankful to Phil for all his wonderful efforts and I am amazed at Theo’s progress with Phil. Theo has really bonded with Phil and really enjoys his classes, so my thanks to Phil”

Michelle Limbert Hill Lane

“I would like to thank you and all the tutors who have taught them over the years and Jane who started them off. The girls have enjoyed their time at the swimming club and have benefitted greatly from the skills they have learnt. All the best for the future, long may it continue”

Mrs J. Whitlock Bitterne Park

“Josh has loved his swimming lessons with your teachers”

Sarah Dawson, Townhill Park

“Thank you very much for teaching Lucy- she has loved having lessons with you and the other teachers and may come back to it later.”

Annie Donnan, Shirley

Best swimming lessons in the area and a fab cafe in the bus! Pulled pork burger yum!

***** Nick Smith Google June 2015

Lovely pool with a fantastically unique cafe! Great service, all the staff were welcoming and friendly. Clean, presentable, and brilliant coffee! Would definitely recommend and will definitely return!

*****Kerri Emma Dobson Google

I haven’t swam at the pool but Luke Perry has worked for me as Coasteering instructor for the past 3 summers and is the best waterman I have ever worked with. If you want to learn from someone there is no better instructor. He’s a lovely person too a credit to his family.

***** Bare Foot Coasteer Google

A personalised form of teaching that concentrates on self development and fun. Clean, friendly, helpful and I wouldn’t send my kids anywhere else.

***** Amy Kibler Google

Both my children have been having swimming lessons at Shirley pool. My daughter has gone on from being terrified of putting her head under the water to being able to confidently swim in a matter of months. She loves having the chance to get badges and see herself progress. My son (aged 1) loves his lessons and is growing in confidence each time he enters the pool and the teachers are so patient and understanding with the children. All the staff are friendly and helpful and the facilities are great!

***** Dan Wade Nov 10th 2015 Google

Great place to go the staff all happy and helpful. This is the best teaching pool in Southampton.

***** Philip Nelson Google

Lovely clean pool – great staff, and wonderful cafe – A Jewel in the middle of Shirley –

*****Wesley Lewis, Shirley Google

“Thank you for brilliant lessons, the twins had a great time. Hope to see you at crash courses in the future.”

Pamela Hatt, Chandlers Ford.

“ A huge thank you to Abbie and Deborah for teaching Ella to swim over the last four years. She has loved her swimming lessons”

Mrs Anthes Hedge End.

“Thank you to all that have taught Alex, he is now a very able and confident swimmer. We will continue to recommend you to everyone we know”

Sue Johnson, Townhill Park Southampton.

“We have much appreciated the excellent swimming tuition you have given our daughters over the past 3 years. Many thanks for all that you have done to help them become confident in the water and enjoy swimming.”

Mrs Hargreaves, Southampton

“Thank you for teaching me to swim. I never thought I would be able to”

Theresa Ferguson

“Thank you to all the staff at Shirley Pool that have taught Peter to swim over the years and that have made his lessons over the years a happy time which he has enjoyed. All the best to you and all the staff”

Veronica Findlay, Romsey.

“all three of my girls have thoroughly enjoyed their swimming lessons over the last five years and swim well as a result. Thank you for the quality of the instructors that you have facilitated”

Suzie Winsor, Highfield

“ I plan to continue swimming practise on a regular basis and thanks to all I have learnt at Shirley Pool I am now able to apply for my dream job working for an International Airline. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Phil and Pete for all their efforts to help me improve my swimming technique and I know I have come a long way over the past year and that’s thanks to you”

Angelina DAbbraccio

“Jacob has thoroughly enjoyed his lessons at Shirley pool for all the years he has been coming. Please pass on a big thank you to everyone – especially cool Phil!”

J Cassey, Rownhams

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all your staff for the encouragement and dedication that KERRY HAS ALWAYS RECEIVED”


“We are happy that Mimi can swim to a good standard. We are really pleased with the fast progress she has mad since starting in the small pool, her confidence has increased and your method of teaching has been brilliant for her. We will continue to recommend you to others”

RR Bartlett Eastleigh.

“Thank you so much for teaching Michael to swim- he is so proud of himself!”

Mrs Lowman Portswood

“Jay has thoroughly enjoyed his time at Shirley Pool and the teaching has been excellent . Thank you very much for this.”

Carolyn Howson, Southampton

“Henry has enjoyed learning to swim with you hugely and has made great progress. Many thanks for everything you have done to give him such a sound grounding in such an enjoyable way”

Mrs Thould, Southampton


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