School Age Children

Learn to Swim

From the first gentle splash to confident swimmer, Shirley Swimming Pool provides an excellent environment to learn to swim. Our unique swim centre provides a class for every age and ability, gently encouraging progression through the learning stages.

Swimming lessons run all year round, including the summer holidays and term breaks. The only time we are closed is over Christmas and public holidays.

Crash course lessons are also available in the half term and end of term holidays.

We are proud of our teachers and the lessons. Take a closer look in the videos below.

School Age Lessons

Lessons for children at school take place Monday to Friday every half hour between 3.30 pm. – 6.30 pm and on Saturdays between 8.00 am-11.30 pm.

All children’s lessons last 30 minutes. All children’s lessons are taken by an experienced and qualified Swimming Teacher in the water with the children. There are no more than seven children in a class, often less.

Depending on the age of the child, progress can often be rapid. Assessment for moving up to the next group is continual. This means that the children are constantly being assessed to see if they are ready to progress to the next level. Distance badge testing takes place every eight weeks if their teacher feels they are ready and a ‘Flipper Day’ follows badge week which is always a big hit with the kids.

To assess which class will be most suitable for your child, please see downloads section to the right or call us on 02380 781 901 and have a friendly chat with our staff.

Children’s Lessons at Shirley Pool

Children’s Beginners

From getting started in the water the aim is for the children to get comfortable face down, floating and gliding. They work towards the Duck and Starfish awards, and a 5 metre unaided swim.
In this class, the foundations are laid that will allow them to progress rapidly and safely once they are moved up. Breath control underwater, body position and sound leg action on back and front are crucial before moving on.

Because all children can stand in our learner pool, there is no need for armbands or other restricting aids. You are able to take and collect the children from the pool as long as you take your shoes off! A remote camera relays the small pool lessons to reception where you can watch without being seen. Every eight weeks the children have the opportunity to try for a badge if the teacher thinks they are ready.

All first-timers are offered a Free Trial Session to make sure that you are happy with our service. Just contact our reception team, they’ll need to take some details down and book your trial session. If you still wish to sign up for lessons, please go back round to reception after your lesson to complete your membership application, and make payment for your first month.

A detailed list of available times is displayed on the right as a download. Find a slot that fits then call the pool to book a place. Depending on timing, you would normally need to pay for the first few weeks by card or cash before the rolling card starts. Alternatively, you can pop in and see us to arrange starting lessons..

Children’s Gallery


Duration: 30 minutes every week

Price: £46.80 per month (paid by rolling card payments or Direct Debit)