Membership / ASA Registration

Most Clubs Charge an Annual membership fee, at Saints the only membership fee you need to pay is one to the ASA (Amateur Swimming Association) the governing body of swimming in the UK. This covers swimmers under the ASA umbrella insurance to be able to compete and train.

The majority of swimmers in Talent and Academy Squads will be Category 1 members

Swimmers in County and Performance Squads who compete in Licensed Open Meets need to be Category 2 registered

Coaches, officials, and volunteers will be Category 3 members

All ASA membership fees areĀ taken in the February direct debit payment along with your normal fees.

All new members will need to fill out the ASA registration forms which are available from the membership secretary or in PDF format to the right.

If you are an existing member than your ASA registration will automatically renew. If you need to change your ASA category please informĀ membership secretary before the 15th January 2018.