Secure Automatic Feedback Electronically

After lessons teachers can make updates on each child’s specific progression. Updates are made regularly, particularly when a badge is achieved. That is then is automatically transmitted to a website.

With each child on Swimsafe will have a record of all the swimming achievements to date, allowing even a stand in teacher to know what specific skills our swimmers need to be concentrating on next. It also allows parents to log on and check progress.

Using the child’s unique membership number (it’s on the swipe card) children and parents will be able to log in, receive instant progress updates, feedback from the lesson and even send short notes to the teachers. If you have misplaced the login and password, reception can remind you.

The children will love this and hopefully help them to take responsibility for their own progress. This will give us a permanent record of badges itemised by each skill step. A really unique teaching aid.

Once the system is proven and all the bugs are ironed out we will look at ways of developing the graphics on the site to encourage further interaction with the children.

After a period of data gathering, it will be possible to analyse the average time it takes for a child to progress at any given age through the various stages- by stroke, age, gender or even teacher!

The week that is currently dedicated to badge testing can now be used for teaching and assessment of the children will be continual. The assistants can help the teachers with distance badges when the children’s stroke technique is to the required standard. Distance badge testing can take place at the teacher’s discretion in any lesson.

This SAFE system is a really exciting development, a unique teaching aid. For the first time we can offer instant updates on swimming to parents.