Club Championships

The Club Championships

The Club Championships are one of our longest running traditions within the swimming club. The annual event see’s swimmers from the butterfly class up to Dolphins compete against one another in a series of 25m, 50m and 100m races. The event is a brilliant showcase of the talent within the swim school and is often highlights future swimming stars, as times are pitted against the club records.

There is also potential for those swimmers in Breaststroke who show promise to compete against others in their age category as a ‘wildcard’ which can make for some exciting races.

Shirley Pool Championships Saturday November 23rd 2019 6pm

Results of 2019 club champs

Club Championships 2019 swimmers and races

Club Championships 2019 photos

Photos from Club Championships 2016

Photos from Club Championships 2018

Think you can beat the best?

We’ve seen a lot of great talent come through the pool over the years and we’ve tried our best to keep records of their achievements. You can check out our Club records page below.