Water Polo Tournament

The Eliminators and The Tigersharks were the top two teams to emerge from the group stages to compete in the final of the 2017 water Polo Tournament last Saturday.

Twenty swimmers from a variety of squads were mixed into random teams and played a series of ten minute games in the shallow water with large floats as goals. In the early rounds, every player had to touch the ball before a shot on target was allowed, which took a little getting used to. The teams quickly adapted their strategies and were soon scoring freely.

The final was played out in deep water, similar to adult Water Polo, with the Tigersharks running out winners. All swimmers were treated to fresh pizza and ice cream from the Big Red Bus and went home happy.

Eliminators: Ian Cacdac, Toby Baverstock, Armand Vigne-Flett, Harrie Tattersall,, AJ Erturk

Barracudas:Olivia Dancer, Corrie Wooley, Sarp Lake, Alex Williams

Stingrays: Olivia Tanner, Jack White,Max Osman,Emma Lambert, JJ Lambert, Amy Van Williams

Tigersharks: Cameron Sharpe, Lewis Tear, James Cummings-Candal, Lexu Maunders-Webb