Swimmer of the Month – January 2022

Each month this year our Instructors will each be nominating their most improved swimmer of the month.

At the end of January, the following swimmers made the shortlist

  • Zuzanna Cichon
  • Dennis Langler
  • Reggie Coady
  • Emily Rose
  • Beau Parker
  • Seb Foster
  • Charlie Jones
  • Nadia Stechlicka
  • Rebecca Varghese
  • Alexander Beveridge

A winner was randomly selected from the list….

Congratulations goes to Seb Foster in Beginners

“Seb was struggling to swim unaided before Christmas, since returning he said to me that he would like to try on his own. Since then he’s been swimming on his own really well, he’s gained more confidence, always smiling. I don’t see it being too long before he’s moved up to the big pool”

Babs Wood