All our ducks are in a row

Ready to go swimming!

This weekend Shirley Pool is inviting staff families and friends to come swimming to test our plans and iron out any issues. We think the pools are ready to go, all our ducks are in a line, Covid compliant.

From Monday it will be your chance to swim: School age children classes are taking place everyday for the next two weeks in Crash Courses. There is a class for every level from beginners to swim club. Check the Crash Course page to see availability.

In between, three times a day adults can swim in lanes, but spaces are going fast as only 7 spaces are available in the ladies, 5 in the mens. Yes, you can do butterfly if you really want to and no, you don’t have to go home with a soggy costume on. Check the times here

Dry bag area on the main pool

There will be several obvious changes when you visit, one being the compulsory removal of all lockers. In their place on the pool side there are three dry areas for bags and towels to be stored while swimming.

Bench by the small pool for bags and towels.

The two Terrys’ give the playground a lick of paint.
The newly installed outdoor waiting area

A large open sided marque has been installed in the area outside to act as a waiting area before lessons start. A member of staff will meet each class 15 minutes before the start to check attendance and explain changing procedures.

Boris cleans the main pool

Meanwhile, the robot that cleans the pool overnight is roaming freely at the moment, keeping the water sparkling. Bumbling around in a seemingly random manner, climbing walls, doing U turns, going backwards, sideways and sucking up all the time, the staff have nicknamed him – BORIS!

Boris cleans the small pool.
Ducks are ready!