Altogether or in waves, as long as they are not jumping on top of each other


“ Knees tucked in tight, grabbed with hands.” 

Also used in water emergency for jumping into water when you cannot see the surface.

Genie Jump 

“Fold your arms in the air, fold your legs in the air, like a Genie flying on a magic carpet through the air”

Pencil Jump 

Arms up, hands flat, straight & stiff. Chin up, stay stiff”

Disco dancing jump 

“Sing YMCA and do the actions before you hit the water”

Running Jump

“Pretend you are a cartoon character that’s just run off the cliff, running with your arms and legs”

Karate Kid 

“A flying karate kick in the air”

Tornado Twister

“How many times can you twist around before you hit the water?”

Harder Jumps

Long Jump

“like you are jumping into a sand pit, see how far you can 


High Jump

“Swing your arms up high, try and touch the ceiling with your 

fingertips before you hit the water”

Star jump

Arms out wide, legs out wide like a star”

Beeaow Jump

“Like a skateboarder, lift both legs together to the side and say beeaoow!

Tuck Jump

”Straight, bomb, then straight in one go” 

Join both the bomb and pencil jumps together . Using the diving block makes it easier by adding height.

Sitting down jump

Jump up and out, lift both legs so your bottom hits the water first, – also known as the bottom smacker jump”

Pike Jump

“Same as above but now get straight again before you hit the water

Back fall 

“Stick your bottom out, fall back like a tree being cut down”

Back roll

 “Same again but hold on to your ankles”

Forward roll 

“Head down, hold your feet facing the water”

Olympic Jump

“Any sport from the Olympics”

Straddle jump

“Keep you head dry, chest out, arms wide, stick your bottom out, step out and slap the water as you hit it, chin up – spread your body.’ 

Used in water entry when you can’t see underwater but can see the surface. Used by lifeguards to maintain visual contact with victim.