This would normally follow badge week. It is meant as a reward for their weeks of hard training to achieve their awards and marks the start of a new cycle. It should be fun, fast yet make use of the opportunities that flippers give.

Warm up:

 FLIPPERS ON NOW. Remind them that we are trying to be like fish and fish can’t walk so don’t try in flippers.

Dolphin dives; underwater swimming; swimming like superman underwater- one arm ahead; underwater like a torpedo, all the way across to sink the battleship on the other side; on top of the water like a speed boat- try and get all the way across on JUST ONE BREATH; upside down speedboats- keep your arms there till they hit the wall; wriggly worms; underwater wriggly worms; sneaking across the pool floor like a James Bond spy -silently without breaking the surface.+ any other fun underwater play theme.

Stroke recap – backstroke or front crawl depending on the lesson.

Main theme- basic front crawl, front crawl, or breaststroke arms depending on the lesson.

15 minutes to go:

Treasure hunt.

Kids swim through a tunnel of hoops to reach Aladdins Cave. Smallest first, biggest last – Line up.

The cave has lots of Treasure – giants wedding rings & pirate ear rings, pirate nose rings ( small hoops), gold & silver(pennies). Once all the money has been collected, flippers off to walk the plank (over large floats) in the deep end.

Tadpoles use a series of large floats in the shallow. “Watch for the crocodiles on one side and piranha on the other.”

Erupting Volcanos nearby can make it harder.

Front flip off the end of the plank for better swimmers.


Kids collect 10p for a lolly as they leave.