Breaststroke Legs

 DEMONSTRATE  the leg action using an assistant

Swimmers sit on the edge, feet in the water.

Bending from the knee, lift the heels to the wall, up & down. This is the first part of the kick (1).

The second is harder and the most important.

Turn the feet out so that the little toe of each foot is against the wall in opposite directions. Now they repeat the up and back action but with curly toes (2).

“Get them curly, keep them curly

The third part is the easiest, going around in the shape of a rugby ball (3). Now put the three parts together:

“Knees out, curly toes, rest” “1,2,3”

Note (to them) that there is no movement in the thigh, just an outward movement of the knees, just the lower part of the leg.

Now transfer to a woggle to do legs only on their backs one at a time.

Slowly & carefully, no acceleration – this just leads to poor technique perfectly. Control with your hands on immediately- grabbing the toes over the top to hold the correct position and restrict the speed. Knees go out, not up. Gradually allow them to take back charge of their feet.

When they can do it correctly on their back, three times in a row, they are ready to try on their fronts.

“Slow-motion legs”  “Perfect, not fast” The more teaching points you can use for focusing their attention, the better.

Legs only on the front: Two woggles – one woggle in the hands the other supporting the shoulders.

“Take a breathe after each kick is finished”

Kick, glide, blow bubbles, breathe. 

Once they can do three kicks in a row on their fronts, they are ready to do the arms.

Make sure the children are aware of the homework they need to do in this class: There will be homework sheets in reception that they will need to pick up and take home.

Teaching plan, Shirley Swimming Pool 2021 Copyright West End Swim School Ltd