On the Farm

Animals toys, animals picture, noddles, 

Activity PracticesTeaching PointsOrganisation
Splash hands, have a shower, bubbles, splash toes, jump up and down and then swim around pool.
Conditioning Watering can – incy wincy spider. Name ready go pour water over child faces x 2
Pour water in front of child encourage them to play with the water whilst singing the song.
Name ready go.
Front swims
Swimming farm animals to the correct picture. 
paddle, paddle, kick, kickSwimming around pool.
JumpsI’m a little penguin name ready go x 3
Count to 5, elbow, elbow, tummy, knees turn around to face me.  
Lots of encouragement.
Jumping side.
Old mc Donald had a farm …….
Duck paddle paddle Fish blowing bubbles. Rabbit jumping up and down 
Encourage child to paddle and blow bubbles Travelling around pool.
Rotation 3 little ducks went swimming one day.
Make sure they roll over we say and 3,2,1 roll over when we say. Paddle, kick. Ears in the water. 
In a circle travelling
Back float/ swim 
Gliding in the water teaching them the difference between gliding and kicking
Ears in the water 
Take toy if they want to.
Travelling up and down the pool
Fish hoops on steps encourage them to blow bubbles
Younger children facing parent and copy blowing bubbles
Lots of encourage for them to blow bubbles. Steps 
On the spot
Play time
 4 minutes
Goodbye songTEDDY BEAR
On the spot.