Delilah Wadsworth

Little Delilah Wadsworth (6) had a few lessons at a school-based swim school in Southampton, but her parents knew that it didn’t hold a light to the lessons they had left behind in their native London borough.

Delilah had been a member of the Swimming Nature School, a hugely successful operation with 4000 weekly students in London. After a 5 day crash course at Shirley Pool in October half term, Delilah was able to progress from her previous highest swimming award of 50m to achieve her 1 mile badge. Her delighted mum said “This swim school is very similar to Swimming Nature in its approach to teaching swimming; I am really pleased with Delilah’s progress.”

Shirley Pool Managing Director David Perry replies “I take that as a huge compliment. I have long been an admirer of Swimming Nature, one of my lads worked for Swimming Nature in his student days and we have a mutual ethos in teaching swimming. Delilah’s success is because she has the correct body position which makes learning the Frontcrawl breathing easier.”

Delilah NOV

Delilah is a star swimmer!