Your aim here is to bridge the jump from the small hot pool to the bigger cooler, deeper pool.

Watch the video here

Introductory Activity 2 minutes  -make it fun and fast!

Warm Up 6 minutes

Main Theme 8  minutes

Contrast 10 minutes

Playtime 4 minutes 

Legs only on the back “Chin up, Tummy up, toes up”. Keep doing kicking drills until they can swim unaided doing legs only. Use woggles then floats.  If they can all swim with floats you can use play Free willy

When they are ready move on to Full Stroke backstroke.

Have the kids standing still at the wall straight “like a soldier” and copying teacher “ear, side don’t forget to kick”

Now they chant and you demonstrate: “ear, side don’t forget to kick”

“Can’t hear you..?”

Leave them to swim on their own in waves and assess their backstroke

Give support to the head and guide their arms where needed.

Repeat using one float, one arm at a time, “Stiff arms, like a soldier”

Finish by attempting full stroke. If there is time, do a width of simple front crawl.

Contrast is always underwater tea party, with the Queen.

Use your imagination, the sillier the better.

Playtime 3 to 4 minutes 

Before moving them up: Make sure they are happy to jump in.

To progress from this group they should have achieved the badges: Starfish 3-5, ideally swim 10m and 25m legs only backstroke. They need to be able to swim reasonable backstroke for a width of the pool, a somersault with nose clip and they should no longer be scared in the deep.