Roya Versey

Roya Versey was the star of the Easter crash course, voted most improved swimmer by the teachers.

Roya was a last minute entry to the course with only the 5 metre badge to her name. In swimming the  200 metre award on the last day of the week long course, Roya’s achievment was all the more remarkable because she was not tall enough to touch the bottom of the pool, even in the shallow end.

Coming from the under five pre school toddler class and entering the main pool can be daunting enough, but fearless Roya made the transition without any complaint, though she needed a special platform to get a rest on occasions.

In order to successfully finish the 200m with an official certificate and badge you have to complete the eight lengths using two different swimming strokes, which consist of two lengths basic frontcrawl and six lengths backstroke.

Her teacher AJ was concerned at first ” We were all a bit worried, usually we don’t let the children move up (to the big pool) until they can stand safely, but we had some extra assistants and the purpose built platform so it all worked out okay. Roya was marvellous!”