Tiger Shark

Tiger Shark 1 – Butterfly

  • Swim 4 widths of frontcrawl with correct turns
  • Swim 4 widths backstroke showing correct start, turns and finish
  • Swim one width of butterfly, both arms clearing the water
  • Swim one circuit of the deep, without goggles
  • Straddle entry, swim one width, then float for 30 seconds on back and climb out (wearing a T-shirt – deep end)
  • Swim a circuit of the deep on the surface, then perform a head-first surface dive and swim 5 metres underwater (deep end)
  • Tread water for 45 seconds, then perform a feet-first surface dive and swim through a hoop (deep end)

Tiger Shark 2 – Turtles

  • Straddle entry, tread water for 20 seconds, swim one width and climb out (while wearing a t-shirt, without goggles – deep end)
  • Swim 6 widths during which the swimmer must perform 3 recognised strokes with an attempt at all the correct turns
  • Perform a competitive start in any stroke and swim 2 widths of pool
  • Scull feet first for 4m, tuck and perform a forward somersault, scull for 4m further
  • Push dive and complete 5m underwater
  • Perform a backwards somersault
  • Tread water for 90 seconds, then perform a feet first surface dive to a depth of 2m

Tiger Shark 3 – Turtles

  • Complete 50m of any stroke in 90s
  • Straddle entry, tread water for 20 seconds and complete 2 widths without pause or touching the side (wearing t-shirt, with no goggles)
  • Tread water for 3 minutes
  • Swim 2 widths of butterfly with a race start and correct turn
  • Scull head first for 5m, rotate onto the front, forward somersault, continue feet first sculling for 5m, no pausing and maintaining body position throughout
  • 4 widths of FC, BK and BRST without pause, with correct turns
  • Swim a circuit of the deep with correct breaststroke, then surface dive through two hoops 5m apart