Starfish 1 – Beginners

  • Blow bubbles from the nose in water
  • Demonstrate a star float on back for 5 seconds (teacher can correct head while floating)
  •  Gently push and glide on the back, arms at side, hold position for 3 seconds
  • Show 2 lengths good leg kick with a woggle
  • Collect a sinker from the pool floor
  • Swim 1 width on front with long paddling arms

Starfish 2 – Beginners

  • Blow bubbles from nose and submerge to sit on the pool floor
  • Demonstrate fly leg kicks (wiggly worms)
  • Hold a star float on back for 7 seconds
  • Swim 1 length on front, with basic over arm recovery
  • Collect 3 sinkers from the pool floor
  • Visit the big pool with a teacher happily enter and exit safely
  • 5M Badge (Kick on back)

Starfish 3 – Tadpoles

  • Demonstrate a handstand
  • Demonstrate backstroke arms while standing (Ear side don’t forget to kick)
  • Swim a width on back with one arm (using a float) and return using the other arm.
  • Collect a sinker from the pool floor (teacher support – big pool shallow end)
  • Jump into the pool, and return to poolside (big pool, shallow end)

Starfish 4 – Tadpoles

  • Showing ability to control speed of exhaling bubbles from nose and mouth
  • Demonstrate all elements of warm up.
  • Demonstrate a mushroom float
  • Show basic backstroke arms across width of the pool
  • Swim 5 meters on front with clear over arm recovery
  • 10m badge (kick on back)

Starfish 5 – Tadpoles

  • Demonstrate a forward somersault with nose clip (teacher support)
  • Travel around the pool and submerge to collect 4 sinkers that are scattered around the pool
  • Push and glide on front, roll over and kick on back (1 width)
  • Display confidence in the deep end
  • Swim 1 width on back across the pool and climb out at the edge (teacher support – deep end)