Seal 1 – Breaststroke

  • Scull head first for 5 metres
  • Scull feet first for 5 metres
  • Demonstrate 3 breaststroke leg kicks on back with woggle, with correct feet
  • Swim one width using fly leg kick
  • Swim 4 metres underwater through 2 hoops
  • Swim into the wall, perform a forward somersault at the wall and push off
  • Attempt a backward somersault with nose clip and teacher assistance
  • Straddle jump in clothes and, tread water for 20 seconds (deep end)

Seal 2 – Breaststroke

  • Answer 4 water safety questions
  • Scull head first for 4 metres and feet first for 4 metres, without a pause
  • Demonstrate 3 correct breaststroke arm actions with breathing, in succession with aids
  • Perform a backward somersault with nose clip
  • Swim 5 metres underwater through 2 hoops
  • Piked surface dive through a hoop (deep end)
  • Jump in, float on back for 20 seconds, then swim 2 widths, using any stroke/s, without goggles (deep end)

Seal 3 – Butterfly

  • Swim two widths frontcrawl without pause, demonstrating a tumble turn
  • Swim two widths backstroke with an attempted correct turn and finish
  • Swim one circuit of the deep end followed by a piked surface dive through a submerged hoop (no pausing)
  • Perform a feet-first surface dive and swim 4m through 2 hoops
  • Perform a straddle entry, tread water for 10 seconds, then star-float for 30 seconds on back, and climb out (while wearing a t-shirt without goggles- deep end)
  • 5m head first, 5m feet first sculling, remaining horizontal through the turn
  • Perform a backwards somersault