Yes we have a date!

Indoor pools can reopen from July 25th 2020.

There will be a number of new restrictions to comply with. Once those have been discussed and absorbed we will revisit our risk assessment and adjust our plans.

There may well be many changes to the way you have used the pool before. For example, everyone who wants to swim will be a member of Shirley Swimming Pool and almost all sessions will require pre booking.

All children in the swim lesson program have been allocated a time and a day, as close as possible to their regular time in March, before we closed. Before the end of July those families, and adult beginners and improvers, will be sent a link to to use the new on line system and view those times and browse alternatives.

You won’t be able to move your lessons about on line but you will be able to book catch up lessons.

Access to changing will be time limited and the showers will be out of use.

We anticipate an out door “check in” area to keep the reception area free.

Many parents already bring school aged children changed ready for swimming and then use a onesie or towelling robe to go home. This is part of the new government guidelines.

The lessons will be smaller, four in a class, which means a limit on numbers. We will give priority to all existing members and only open up for new customers when existing members have found a class that suits.

The numbers in lane swimming will be restricted to the capacity of the changing areas.The thought at present is to have dedicated (male & female) changing areas when there is no lessons in the pools – early morning and later in the evening- and to allow “no change” swimming at other times. That means arriving ready to swim, putting changing robes in a bag to take poolside and then leaving the pool in the robe.

Most reception staff are on holiday or furloughed at the moment but if you want to communicate please email ( and we will work through them when we can.

Those pre school children due to transfer to after school classes will need to let us know their preferences if they haven’t done so already.

It’s exciting news, keep looking out for our posts, we will try and keep you in the loop at every step.