Summer changes

We are looking forward with cautious optimism towards the final lifting of lockdown restrictions, proposed for July 19th. We have made a staged plan for a return to our pre pandemic programme.

From July 19th, our teachers will be back in the pool with the kids, doing what they do best. There will be an awards testing week, where all levels will be trying out for some new badges and certificates.

This date will also be the end to restricted numbers in the public and lane swimming sessions.

July 26th will be a fun week, where the children will have a chance to learn through play and even try their hand at the inflatable obstacle course.

August 1st is the date from which the lesson programme will revert back to 30 minute lessons. The lesson times will be kept as close as possible to the current times, but will differ slightly. Be sure to check with reception for your new lesson time, and feel free to alter as necessary.

Thank you for your ongoing support.