Five year olds swim a mile

Star Swimmers at half term crash course

Five year old swims a mile

Alice (5) swims a mile

The half term crash course at Shirley Pool was an outstanding success with nine children swimming a mile or more on the final day.

Rosie-Mei Dolman (5) swims a mile

Most notable were the two five year olds Rosie Mei Dolman and Alice Mehaffey who used a variety of strokes to knock out the 64 lengths in a little more than an hour. It is not the youngest to swim a mile at the pool. Oliver Dunne completed the mile – aged just 4.

Every class had a star swimmer, not least the soggy teachers who battled with colds and fatigue to keep smiling through the week. Well done everyone!

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Eden completed 2000m

Oliver swam 2000m

Elijah achieved his one mile award

Gillan Joins the One Mile Club

Sophie completed her one mile badge on the Crash Course

Genevieve never stopped smiling for 80 lengths, 2,000 metres

Little Issac swam one mile.

Bab’s beginners all learnt to swim at least 10m, Barney managed 50m!

Philomena’s backstroke class all improved their technique and swam up to 600 metres

Sam’s super swimmers in front crawl acieved between 600m and 2,000m

Hugo’s happy bunch improved their breaststroke, diving and all swam for miles and miles.

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