Star Six Year old Swimmers from the Easter Crash Course.


Kayleigh Holt (6)

Otterley Henderson (5)

Eliza (6), Isabel (6), Alfie (6) and Anika (6)

Kayleigh Holt (6) had never had a swimming lesson, could not kick with a straight leg and had no idea how to breathe and swim. Luckily Kayleigh had Luke for four days and swam 600m using backstroke and basic front crawl. Five year old Otterley Henderson smiled her way to 32 lengths, having transferred to Shirley from another local pool where she was struggling to progress.
In Jack’s class, Eliza (6), Isabel (6), Alfie (6) and Anika (6) all swam a mile on the last day of the course. Star Swimmers!