Nearly ready..

The hottest place in town? Maybe – the water in the small pool is up to 32 degrees. Could be the only place in town that is open for children’s swimming lessons this summer.

The new look ladies changing room

A great effort from the team and a big helping hand from Polish Maids to scrub the floors, benches and walls means the pool is well on it’s way to opening on the 27th July.

Safely spaced benches where the lockers used to be in the ladies which will also be used as a “wet” change area

Monday will see the first Adult lane swimming sessions since March and the start of summer crash courses in small classes, socially distanced. The main pool will be 29 degrees.

The reception area

The super new UV and constantly monitored water levels offer crystal clear water, killing any potential threat from Covid-19.

Reception – chairs and play area removed

Parent & Child, toddler lessons and after school stroke technique classes will restart in September with smaller classes.

The male changing area will also be used as part of the “dry” change one way system.
One large baby change, one toddler seat and one bench in the gents.
The unused showers provide extra room for changing.

There is still time to book – reception staff are on duty 10am-4pm Thursday and Friday. Call on 02380781901