Gala Results

Thank you to all the swimmers at the gala on Saturday. It was a lovely event and, although we had less swimmers than Winchester, the Shirley swimmers were faster. A lot faster. Our twenty kids swam 37 personal best times (PB’s) between them to win the gala by 29 points. You can see the list of swimmers (PB’s) here and the full gala results here.

The team sheet for next month’s gala v Locks Heath on Saturday July 13th is on the board now, please check your diaries and indicate availability. There is also an email coming out to all Dolphins that you can respond with a positive.

This will be the last gala before the summer. Club Championships will be next in the Autumn, so make this one if you can. The gala is quick, over before 7pm.

Personal Best Times (PB’s) are a great way to monitor progress in stroke technique and stamina. They also qualify the swimmers to receive ASA Speed Awards

Part of the revised Swim Club programme will include speed testing and the opportunity to order those badge and certificates. You can find the criteria here.

All swimmers will be qualified in the ASA Competitive Start Awards, ensuring not only their competency from diving blocks but also their ability to race dive safely in shallow water. The times they achieved last Saturday were from starting in the water. These times will be significantly reduced by using a racing dive.

Training for competition swimming remains at the heart of the Dolphins swimming club.

The aim is to increase speed through technique.

Swimmers will continue to be trained in high quality technique, gradually increasing distance, developing stamina through skills, drills and speed work.

Children will aim to acquire classic swimming technique that will last a lifetime.

We now have a large amount of water time, after school and at weekends at our disposal. And lots of lovely teachers and coaches. We have opened up the sessions to all “squads”, so you can swim as often as you like. Obviously the more you swim, the more you pay, just let us know.

Shortly we will nominate two sessions that will alternate between only Water Polo and Surf & Rookie lifeguard, most likely Monday 7pm and Friday 6pm

We will also publish the schedule of sessions. The aim is that if your child only wants to take part in technique training sessions, they can. If it’s just lifesaving, again they can pick those sessions. If you are only available once a week and want a taster of all aquatic disciplines, thats fine also. HUGE flexibility to meet the demands of todays modern child.

The only shift in emphasis is that kids will have more opportunity to race in Aquathons, Duathlons, Triathlons, Pentathlon, Open Water swims, Surf Lifesaving and Water Polo competitions, AS WELL AS swimming galas.

Our aim is to be the best Junior Swimming Club that we can be, offering as many children as possible the chance to realise their potential, wherever that may be.

David Perry