Farewell and Welcome

All Change at Shirley Swimming Pool….

It’s with a heavy heart that we bid farewell to two fantastic members of the team.  Both Tim and Phil are moving on to new careers. Tim has been working at Shirley Pool since the tender age of 14, starting on Saturday mornings a helper. Finishing College, he joined the team full time on the reception. Over the last two years he has made some sparkling enhancements to the reception and his calm, friendly and bubbly personality has made it a better place to work. Responsible for the front of house, Tim has trained many of the current reception staff and helped many parents ease their way through make up lessons, moving classes etc with admiral patience. He is starting an apprenticeship in Aeronautical Engineering in September and all we wish him well. Thank you Tim!


Phil Nelson began working as a part time teacher in 2006 to supplement his income, but  soon moved to a full time position with his own classes of children and adults. His direct but lighthearted manner made him popular with all his pupils. In recent years, Phil had been promoted to Lead Teacher, interviewing, inducting and training new recruits. The impact on the adult beginner & improver classes was significant and anyone who has been lucky enough to be taught to swim will not forget him. Phil, his wife, Donna and the children Aaron, Ben and Conor are emigrating to Ireland to be closer to family. They will be missed by staff and customers and we wish them every success in their new lives in Ireland.

Phill's Breaststroke class

Fortunately, as the saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining. Our silver lining is three fantastic new teachers who we welcome to the team. Robert, Laker and Rhiannon will be taking taking over from Phil and Tim. All three are fully qualified teachers and lifeguards with extensive experience of teaching all levels. Click here if you want to learn more about our teachers.