Dolphins News

Southampton Dolphins Swimming Club (SDOS)

Parents Meeting

Friday 22nd December 2017

Venue: Scout Hut Kentish Road


David Perry (DP) , Viv Perry

Sally Lloyd (SL), Tracy Yates, Michelle Manning, Lorna Tilley, Ed Tilley, Linda Field (LF), Mark Telford (MT), Charlotte Williams, Polly Saddler, Deborah Latham, Rachel Thorpe, Vicki Payne, Peter Takacs, Scott Grundy (SG), Cathy Hawkes, Nick Nugent, Paul Rutherford, Claire Corbridge, Julia Maddock (JM), Kevin Butler, Elisabeth Butler (EB), Sarah Cook (SC), Sofia Araujo-Betanwr, Christiane Fernandes, Vicki Lewis (VL), Steve Lewis, Dave Lowther (DL), Sally Lowther (SL).

Apologies:  Gale Taylor, Sarah Pratt, Clare Turner

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  1. Introduction and overview
  2. Financial review
  3. Coaches and training times
  4. Gala’s and 2018 calendar
  5. Appointment of club officials
  6. Club championships 2018
  7. Future planning
  8. AOB

Introduction and overview

  • DP welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked them for coming. He said that this was the first meeting of its kind for Southampton Dolphins Swimming Club (SDOS) in more than 10 years.
  • DP supplied minutes of the recent coaches meeting, he gave an overview of the agenda and confirmation of Chris White’s (CW) leaving date of first week of February 2018 after the County Championships have finished. (See attached document) 

Financial Overview

  • DP gave an overview of the club structure and finances. (See attached document)

Coaches and Training Times

  • DP confirmed that there are no plans to change the current swim hours and time table, he recognised the importance of water time and DL stated that one of the reasons they joined SDOS is because the club has the best water time in the County. 

    Pool Training times

    Monday 0530-0730

    Monday 1900-2000

    Tuesday 1900-2000

    Wednesday 0530-0730

    Thursday 0530-0730

    Thursday 1900-2000

    Friday 0530-0730

    Friday 1800-2000

    Saturday 0700-0830

    Saturday 1630-1830

    Sunday 1530-1630

    Land Training

    Monday 1730-1845

  • DP stressed that it is not going to be possible to replace CW like for like, you will not find another coach like him. At present it is not planned for SDOS to have one designated Head Coach, there will be a ‘Director of Coaching’ who will oversee a number of coaches and plan the training sets, open meets, give technical advice and oversee the direction of the club ensuring that the plans meet the needs of all swimmers from the bottom to the top.
  • Coaches

    Matt Heathcock

    An ASA Level 3 Great Britain Coach with extensive experience coaching age group and junior swimmers to the highest levels. Currently acting in an advisory role as Director Of Coaching and coaching on a Saturday morning or evening as available.

    Clodagh Dear

    An ASA Level Two coach, employed for 18 months as assistant to Head Coach at Shirley. Currently coaching seven hours a week. Previously employed with Swim Bournemouth.

    Paul Dollery  (In discussion)

    An ASA Level Two Coach with extensive experience as an age group coach, most recently at Winchester Penguins SC. Currently in training to take over a number of sessions.

    Rob Young

    An ASA Level Two Teacher and ex competitive swimmer. In training for Level One Coach Award and working as cover coach.

    Ben Gardner

    An ASA level one teacher and ex Dolphin, helps with cover teaching when home from University.

    Freya Wilks

    An ASA level one teacher and ex Dolphin, helps with cover teaching when home from University.

    Amanda Jane Harnett

    An ASA level Two teacher and ex Dolphin, helps with cover teaching when needed.

    All coaches are paid employees’, DRB checked, insured and qualified to at least STA RTFT standard.

    Collette Nugent

    An ASA Level Two teacher helps Chris with Monday 7-8 training and at Open Meets

    Matt Heathcock (MH) will fulfil the role of Director of Coaching, he will not be taking over the role that CW held and will not attend open meets in a coaching capacity, because he wishes to fulfil his commitment as Head Coach of swim Bournemouth.

  • The position of coach has been offered to Paul Dollery (PD), who has previously coached at Hamble and Winchester swimming clubs, but as yet he has not accepted. The role offered to PD is purely poolside and would not involve the level of admin duties that CW currently undertakes. There will be a requirement for Parents to assist in these duties and as team managers at open meets. EB explained the role of a Team Manager and DP confirmed that the team manager will not replace the presence of a coach at open meets.
  • DP has asked CW for a profile of each swimmer to assist the new coaches to get to know the swimmers.
  • DP confirmed that MH has stressed that land training is an important part of swimmers development and additional land training sessions will be arranged but at present the management team are still looking for an appropriately qualified coach to lead these sessions. DP stated that the land training sessions need to be brought back closer to the pool to fulfil child protection requirements.

Galas and 2018 Calendar

  • DP listed the current open meets that SDOS has attended, DL asked if this was open to change? DP responded by saying that MH is very knowledgeable with regard to local open meets. DL has agreed in principle to take on the role of Licenced Open Meet secretary.
  • The question was asked as to whether any additional coaches would be added to the team, DP responded by saying that the advert is still open on the British swimming site.
  • SL stated that she could not find the advert on this site. DP agreed to look into this.
  • (Ad placed 2nd January)
  • MT asked if PD has formally been offered the role and DP confirmed that he has been offered the coaching sessions that CW currently does but has not at this time accepted.
  • LF asked, how does the role of Director of Coaching work? Is there a conflict of interests because he cannot be head coach at two clubs. DP reiterated that MH’s role will be to direct the coaches of SDOS giving technical support, swim sets, open meet calendar etc, so there will be no conflict of interest.
  • Question: Would PD be free to structure his own training sessions. DP stated that he would but as yet he has not accepted the job so this is unknown.
  • Feedback from various parents is that PD is a very good, and well respected coach with good technical knowledge of all strokes, he would be an asset to the club.
  • Several parents asked about MH plans for the Club section of SDOS and below? DP stated that he felt that there is a current deficit in the development of the Club swimmers and that there is a significant gap between the Club and Performance squads. There are not enough galas in the Club section to bridge this gap, especially as the Club section and below generates the bulk of the revenue for SDOS and supplies the future Performance swimmers. DP stressed the importance of nurturing the Club and young swimmers for the future success of the club.
  • DP stated that SDOS has withdrawn from the novice league for 2018 due to the amount of resources required but stressed that both he and MH have lots of plans for other competitive opportunities for the club swimmers for example Junior League and local inter club galas.
  • DP stated that they are currently still advertising for a triathlon coach for the pool because he would like to diversify and increase the competitive opportunities for all club members. SC stated that she was aware of a triathlon coach and will speak with them

Club Championships 2018:

  • DP explained how important the Club Championship is to the revenue of SDOS, as a promotion for Shirley Pool and a show case of the Dolphin swimmers to encourage new generations. DP asked for support from the parents to organise the 2018 club championship.
  • JM will be the main lead for the club championships but will require a considerable team of helpers.

Appointment of club officials:

  • DL has agreed in principle to be Open Meet secretary for licenced ASA open meets.
  • It was confirmed that Sharon Southon and Linda Field (LF) are the current club welfare officers.
  • VL raised the question of whether the club should have an elected Treasurer and Chairman, but DP advised that current set up will remain. The question of swift access to funds for payment of meet entries was raised and DP confirmed that SDOS has a functioning bank account that should be used and he will be able to BACS transfer any funds required for open meets.
  • Clothing and equipment: Waiting for a volunteer
  • Membership secretary: Waiting for a volunteer
  • Social secretary: Waiting for a volunteer
  • There is a requirement for the club to have more qualified judges and time keepers. KB has agreed to be the official coordinator for this.

Future planning:

  • DP confirmed that there are no plans to shut Shirley Pool. He is aware that the pool is in need of repair and is in discussion with the council regarding ways to achieve a repair without closing the pool for significant periods of time which would be unsustainable.
  • DP confirmed that he is committed to the future of both Shirley Pool and SDOS.


  • The new Southampton Dolphins logo design was discussed: Multiple parents expressed their dislike for the new logo in its current form.
  • DP stated that he wants the wording Shirley Pool included in the logo and SG agreed with this stating that people often assume that SDOS swim out of the Quays being the only pool in Southampton.
  • It was agreed that Shirley Pool should be included in a new logo but that the wording of Southampton Dolphins needs to be more prominent and the logo simplified.
  • DP agreed to review the logo and have some new design proposals ready for the next parents meeting to review.
  • DP confirmed that periodic 50m pool training will continue as it currently does.
  • CW will be responsible to ensure the 2018 ASA registrations are completed on time.
  • It was requested that MH should attend the next parents meeting if possible and PD if he accepts the coaching role. DP will try to arrange this.
  • Communication was raised: DP requested that all parents ensure that reception at the pool have up to date email addresses and said that he may also set up a Dolphins Facebook page to share information.

Date of next meeting:

Monday 22nd January – Time to be confirmed.