Covid Update

A member of staff is visiting the pool everyday to check the water. They report that the water is crystal clear, albeit a lot cooler. The water and air heating has been turned off but the pumps are still running, filtering the water constantly.

Meanwhile, we are working on the logistics of a restricted re-opening, once government allows swimming. It is expected that sometime in late July those pools with a Covid compliant risk assessment can start lessons.

No requests for direct debits will be made in June or July. If this changes in time for August or we are able to run crash courses, you will receive notification with plenty of notice.

Now that travel to beaches and beauty spots are allowed, you may be tempted to swim.

Be aware that the water in the sea is still very cold, 11 or 12 degrees at most, perhaps colder in rivers or quarries. If you choose to swim, don’t go alone, find a safe beach and enter the water slowly. Restrict the swim to 10 minutes initially and have warm clothes and drinks to hand. Avoid eating or drinking alcohol at least 2 hours before swimming .

You should be aware of possible rip currents and the action to take if caught in one.