Club Championships 2019

Bag carriers on poolside

As each age group races, they need a helper to carry their towels, drinks bottles and t shirts to the end of the pool. Can we have some parent
volunteers, please? It is much more interesting to be on the poolside – you get a good close up view of the action and get to chat to the kids. Just
present yourself on poolside to Luke and he will direct you. Bring a large carrier bag as well!
If you don’t have siblings to take care
of, please volunteer to be a lane marshal. All you have to do is check you have the correct child in your lane.
If your child is nervous or overwhelmed, come on poolside with them and stay until they are happy. It is going to be very hot in the gallery. Dress lightly and bring water/refreshments.

Swimmers should have a small (non-fizzy) plastic drinks bottle with them. There will be medals for the fastest three swimmers in each event. These will be presented after each stroke is completed. For example, the presentations for the medal winners of the backstroke will take place after event 18.
There is a small rostrum to the right of the pool and you should be able to take pictures from that end of the gallery if you wish.
Once the children have completed their races they can leave, they don’t have to wait until the end of the evening. Just check they haven’t won a place medal before you whisk them away. There will be a table near the pool side exit with a souvenir cup, sweets and a medal for everyone that attended
Click here for Programme of events
Car Parking Vouchers are still available from our reception desk for parking at The Quays for £2 each. (Cash only)If you choose to pay for parking on the evening please note that their parking meters re-set at 6pm so no matter how much you put in the meter before 6pm, it then re-sets and you will need to pay more into the meter from 6pm
Timings Please bear in mind there will be a lot of traffic on the roads so give yourself plenty of time to get there. The car park may be full of Christmas shoppers so be prepared to use one of the multi storey car parks. Try and arrive by 5:30pm for the first race just after 6pm.
The lockers in The Quays changing rooms are secured with padlocks, please bring along a padlock if you wish to use one of their lockers, alternatively, you can purchase a padlock at the venue for £5.
Enjoy the evening Luke