Wecome back Vicky

We are delighted to welcome back Vicky to full time teaching after her maternity leave. Vicky has taken back her classes from on a Wednesday from 8.30am -12pm, Hailey is now the baby and pre school instructor on Tuesdays 11am – 1pm, while Jo is the permanent teacher on Fridays 2.00-3.30pm. Erin will continue with our new Sunday classes and her usual classes

The summer has been a period of transition and trying to find new teachers to come up to our standards has been testing.

Erin Marshall has been appointed to head up the pre school teaching. As well as recruiting and training teachers, Erin has formalised the teaching program and introduced Little Nemo Awards, a free certificate to mark the stages of progressions as a baby learns to swim.

The return of Vicky and a formalised training system for our teachers will help to bring more stability and continuity to the Parent & Child lessons.

Shirley Pool are now stockists of the Aquanappy and Neo Nappy. These are offered at a discounted price of £6.99 until the end of the October, RRP is £9.99

This is a washable and reusable swimming nappy system. The aim is two fold: To protect our water and to end the use of disposable nappies. The benefit to you is a cost saving in disposables and a more comfortable fit for baby.

With its soft and supple neoprene shell and high quality nylon Lycra waist and leg hems, the Neonappy™ nappy cover forms part of the ‘double layer system’.

The neoprene shell provides a soft and flexible but most importantly impermeable barrier to keep little accidents inside. The Lycra waist and legs hems form a seal around little legs and waist and help to keep what’s inside, inside!

With no rubbing or chaffing leaving red marks the Neonappy nappy cover is ideal in conjunction with the eco-friendly reusable and adjustable one size Aquanappy.

If you have a stock of disposable nappies, use them up. If you already have a similar successful double nappy system, please keep using it.

Once children are toilet trained, the Aquanappy alone will be sufficient.