1 in 3 adults can’t swim

In a recent report published by Swim England it was revealed that as many as one in three adults in the UK cannot swim 25m (14 million).

However, that should not stop adults going to the swimming pool!

The report goes on to show the overwhelming benefits of regular exercise in water, not just swimming.

“With 70 per cent of the NHS budget being spent on chronic diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease, regular physical activity like swimming can reduce occurrence of these conditions by 20-40 per cent. One million people in the UK will have dementia by 2025, and this will increase to two million by 2050, costing £26 billion a year in the UK.

Open water swimming is one of the Uk’s fastest growing activities

 Participants in Swim England’s Dementia Friendly Swimming project identified improvements in their wellbeing, including pain reduction, balance, functional capability and fitness as well as improvements in their mental health, mood, confidence, ability to concentrate and reduced anxiety.”

Walking lanes have become a popular activity at the Shirley Pool with a dedicated lane every morning and evening. Combined with the daytime Aquasize session (Tuesday’s 11am), there are more sessions than ever for those who want to take the weight off their feet.

 Swim England: “Due to the unique properties of water, swimming can help people with long-term health conditions to be more active. The buoyancy supports those with balance problems and helps to reduce the risk and fear of falling.

Water-based activity also places less stress on the joints and makes exercise more comfortable and practical than on dry land. This benefits people with musculoskeletal conditions such as osteoarthritis. Musculoskeletal conditions affected an estimated 18.8 million people across the UK in 2017 and accounted for more than 22 per cent of the total burden of ill health (morbidity) in the UK.12 The Chief Medical Officers’ Physical Activity Guidelines highlighted the importance of daily, moderate-to vigorous intensity activity, including strengthening activities, with additional requirements for balance and flexibility activities for older adults.

The Health Commission’s Health and Wellbeing Benefits of Swimming report also recognised the important role that water plays in providing an environment where these strengthening, flexibility and balance exercises can be undertaken”

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