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Learn to Swim at Shirley Swimming Pool

Learning to swim at Shirley Pool is different; the teachers are in the water with the children. Communication and control are far better, progress is rapid, children progress to the next level as soon as they are ready; the online parents portal gives instant notification of achievements, which are constantly assessed. Longer distance awards are attempted every eight weeks. Payment is simple, monthly by direct debit which can be stopped with a month’s notice.

We are so convinced that we can make learning to swim fun, the first lesson is a free trial. Whether you have a baby of 6 weeks, a nervous school age beginner, a budding champion or a non swimming partner there is a class for you.

Baby Swimming Lessons

The “First Splash”. It’s never too early for your baby to learn to swim. Early lessons lay the foundations for lifelong enjoyment of the water.

In a shallow, secluded pool, an ASA qualified teacher will guide you in how to confidently handle your child through their first stages in the water, using song and constructive play.

Toddler Swimming Lessons

From getting started in the water the aim is for the toddlers to get comfortable face down, floating and gliding. Working towards the Duckling Awards, Water Skills 1 and 5 metres.

In this class the foundations are laid that will allow them to progress rapidly and safely once they are promoted.

Children Swimming Lessons

From the first gentle splash to confident swimmer, Shirley Swimming Pool provides an excellent environment to learn to swim. Our unique swim centre provides a class for every age and ability, gently encouraging progression through the learning stages.

Swimming lessons run all year round except on public holidays, so they run right through the summer.

Turtles Swimming Club

The after school swimming club, Turtles is the next stage in the lesson programme. Youngsters that have mastered the four main strokes are invited to join the swimming club, the entry level of the Dolphins swimming Club. The sessions increase to one hour in length, with the last 10 minutes set aside for play.

Dolphins Swim Team

Talented children are selected as early as 7 years old and invited to the Dolphins Swimming Team. Those that enjoy racing will gradually gain a level of fitness and technique that will last a lifetime and strengthen all their other sports. Since its inception the Dolphins have nurtured many county and national level swimmers.

Adult Swimming Lessons

Even the most nervous adult beginners have overcome their fear of water at Shirley Pool. The private shallow areas and sympathetic teachers help ease the dread that many adults feel near water. Stroke technique and deep water confidence classes are held early evenings and day times. Private, one on one lessons are available by arrangement.

Both pools are open as usual today!

Shirley Swimming Pool is a privately owned, public swimming pool. Originally built in 1974 as a dedicated teaching centre, the two pool site offers lessons for every age and ability, starting from 6 weeks old.

The pool was rebuilt in 2009 with new changing rooms, reception and modern water treatment.The main 25 metre pool is available for general swimming and adult lane swimming, whilst the small hot pool is available for public swimming between lessons.

The pool is open to everyone, for both lessons and general swimming, throughout the year.