Lesson Plan 9 Months to 18 Months Week 3

Welcome and Entry – Song: ‘If you’re happy and you know it’

Front/Back Swim Front Surf  and Front swim position then roll over to Back float. 

Song – ‘5 little ducks went swimming one day’ with Duck. 

Conditioning – 

  • Song: ‘It’s raining, it’s pouring’ 
  • Parent and baby take turns watering. Using CUE

Submersion – 

  • Swim around the pool under the rainy rainbow -1 above water, 2 with dip/dolphin dive into the water.
  • Sit on the step and encourage baby to jump in towards adult. x3
  • Collect sinkers while sat on the steps.

Front swim and kicking –  

  • Song:  Wheels on the bus
  • Seat holds and throws – Splashing/Swishing/ Paddling.

Swim with one woggle – open or knotted. Add all the balls. Chase the balls. Put them in a pond. (2 woggles linked with hoops)

Monkey, Monkey

Song – Animal fair – Moving along the edge to collect a toy from the box.

Jumping in, Hold on, Climbing out 

Song – Jelly on a plate 

Sitting on the big mat, song, then cue ‘jump/fall in’ and swim to parent. x2

Move to the side – Practice climbing out – Elbow, Tummy, Knee.

Standing up jumps x 2

Back floats

In a space in the water – Flying saucer song x1

Holding toy on tummy. One side to the other –  Fast zooming! x2

Playtime – Free Playwith toys.  Encourage adult to follow baby’s exploration play.

Exit –  Song: Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear