Lesson Plan 9 – 18 Months Week 4

Entry: ‘If your happy and you know it’

Front/back – ‘5 in the pool and the little one said roll over’.

Front Swim Position and roll over.

Conditioning- Cups and watering cans on one side – Swim to and cue baby to pour cup over head.  Song: ‘I hear thunder’

Submersion- Correct practices for age, ability and experience –  Adult holds baby, swimming around the pool, teacher holding watering can and tunnel.  Adult swims baby through with cue. 1 x above the water. 2X dip/ dophin dive in the water. 

Move along the edge – Put animals in one corner of the pool on the wall. Then Crocodile along the step and Monkey, Monkey, Monkey around the pool – To find animals –  ‘I went to the animal fair’ song.

Front and Back – Take hungry ‘zoo animals’ over to eat leaves/food (green woggles and  biscuits) on back kicking legs and home again on front chasing animals. X3

Climb out , Jumping in and hold on ‘Song: 4 little monkey jumping on the bed’ x4

Progressing the jump under the water, if baby is happy.

Swim: From steps/big mats encourage baby to jump in towards adults.

Playtime: Toys and option to put woggle on.

Exit song: Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear