Lesson Plan – 9 – 18 Months Week 1

Entry:  Welcome and song: If you’re happy and you know it..

Splash your hands, Wash your face, Have a Shower, Blow some bubbles, Jump up and down, Kick your legs, Paddle your arms, Go for a swim

Front Swim – Front swim position and Front Surf hold,  into 1 small woggle

Song: We’ll go swimming all together in the pool (Tune of: She’ll be coming round the mountain)

Conditioning – Sitting on the steps. Encourage baby’s to shower themselves.

Submersion – Start at steps – Swim above water to other side 5,4,3,2,1 zoom! Collect a watering can, swim way back to the steps.  Then adult puts watering cans on the side. Baby must wait on steps!! Then encourage jump in towards adult (with submersion) and swim to watering cans on the side.x2-3

Front Swim – Swim for a ducks in the water and put them on one side of the pool. Then swim for bricks (using flip flops and side to side swishing movements to start swims to bricks).  Build a house on the other side with bricks. Tell baby to build a nice house for duck.

Monkey, Monkey – From house – Move around the pool edge to collect Duck.

Back Floats/Swims – Take Duck to it’s house. Riding on tummy. 

Hold on – Looking at the house/ hiding toy behind house– 5 seconds.

Submersion – Moves back and say “Where’s your Duck? Can you swim to the house” From Parent or big mat to the edge and hold on.  x2

Jumping in, Hold on and Climb out –  Standing up on the edge. Song: Little Penguin.

Play time – Recap of Open safety hold onto 1 small woggle. Keep moving, have fun! Add balls and toys.

Exit Song: Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear