Lesson Plan – 6 Weeks to 8 Months Week 1

Welcome and Entry – Song: ‘If you’re happy and you know it’

Front Swim –

Front Float hold. Song – ‘5 little ducks went swimming one day’ with Duck.

Conditioning –

  • Adult holds baby facing them, upright position – Song: ‘Its raining, its pouring’
  • Water around baby.  After the song, CUE baby and pour water down face.
  • Repeat song swishing baby side to side, front and back. Then cue and pour again.

Submersion –

Front float hold – Through rainy tunnel and submerge towards adult.  Add ‘let go’ if experienced in submerging. x2

Front –

  • Adult sat on steps or stationary in the water – Song :Wind the bobbin up.
  • Front float hold or front swim position – Following/ splashing a ball. Encouraging arm actions. 
  • Add all balls in the water. Seat holds and throws. Safety hold chasing the balls back to the box.

Back Floats/Swims –

  • Head and shoulder supported back floats.
  • Cradles/swing dips. Baby’s ears in water and twirl baby feet first – reducing support under lower back. Two/one hand float.
  • Side to side and on back 
  • Add a song while practising. Song: Flying Saucer Song

Jumping in from big mat 

Tummy time as babies climb on the float. Adults can kick babies legs saying kick, kick.

Song: Jelly on a plate 

Sitting on the edge of the big mat, parent supports and baby ‘falls in’ x2

Playtime – Free Playwith toys 

Exit –  Song: Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear