Lesson Plan 6 weeks – 8 Months week 4

Entry:  Welcome and Song: If you’re happy and you know it. (Basic safety/ Hug hold).

Splash your hands, Wash your face, Have a Shower, Blow some bubbles, Jump up and down, Kick your legs, Paddle your arms, Go for a swim

Front/Back Swim– Front Float hold or Front swim position then adult supports baby in back float. Song: 5 little ducks went swimming one day.

Front swim  – Float float hold or Front swim position and seat holds. Chase a duck.

Conditioning –   

Get watering cans and cups. Wash the duck for baby to see.

CUE baby and pour water over face. 

Then swim to other side and back, chasing duck then repeat washing duck and water pour.

Submersion–  Towards duck in the water. Front Float hold or swim position. Parent CUES baby fully submerge and collect duck.  (Teacher pours water on baby’s not reacting to verbal cue.)

Front Swim – Make a duck pond. (2 woggles linked with hoops) Add lots of ducks.

Adults swim baby to ducks and move them to the pool.

While this is happening each baby has a go on the baby float on back.

Jumping in – Sitting on the side or Big float. x3

Flip flops and Back floating – Gently flip flop baby extended the time baby is on their back.

Play time – Keep moving. Have fun, Relax! 

Exit Song: Teddy Bear. Teddy Bear