Lesson Plan 6 weeks – 8 months Week 2

Entry: ‘If your happy and you know it’

Swim Front/back

  • Front float hold or swim position.
  • Back float baby. Cradle/ two or one hand float or head and shoulders supported.
  • Song: There’s a fish at the bottom of the swimming pool, and his name is Wiggly Woo. 

Swim Front/Back: Seat hold and Safety hold.  Adult supports baby swimming for bricks in the water. Start making a tower on the edge.

Conditioning: Watering cans and cups at the other side, baby swims to, and adult cues water pour. (Put toys behind the tower). 

Submersion: Front facing hold or Swim Position – Progress to let go in the water. X2

  • Adult swims baby across the pool towards the tower saying “Who’s in the tower?”
  • Half way across, cue submerge and swim to tower and find/collect toy. 

(One at a time water pour from teacher if needed).

Back floats – In a circle: Holding toy

Swim: Song: Twinkle, twinkle little toes.

Big Mat – Kicking on tummy/ Hold on, Jumping in

  • Put baby on tummy, legs in the water  
  • Sit up on the mate
  • Cue baby to Jump/fall in – Adult looking for readiness to go in the water.
  • Song: ‘This is the way…’ Kick our legs, sit on the mat, jump in the pool.

Back floats and encouraged kicking:  

  • Adult floats baby with baby’s head on their shoulder encouraged kicks across the pool. Baby’s feet on the wall to start with a zoom into: two or one handed float or head and shoulder supported float.
  • Song: Zoom, Zoom, Zoom we’re going to the moon launching from the wall


Toys and woggles in the pool for relaxed play. 

Exit: Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, and goodbye.