Big float, car toys, play mat, watering cans, big hoop

Activity PracticesTeaching PointsOrganisation
Splash hands, have a shower, bubbles, splash toes, jump up and down and then swim around pool.
This is the way we wash our hands, wash our toes, wash our hair.
Encourage child to wash body parts.On the spot.
Front swims
Walking / swimming car toy around on the wall and place car onto the play mat.
Younger children can hold car.
Older children can use wall to drive car to mat (practising walking)
Paddle, paddle, kick, kick.Travelling.
Zoom zoom zoom we’re going to the moon, zoom zoom zoom we will be there very soon name, ready, go.
Child hold wall for 5 seconds.
Elbow, elbow tummy, knees, turn around and face me.
Jumping side.
The wheels on the bus go round. (paddle) The wipers on the bus go swish. (Side to side) The engine on the bus goes bubbles The children on the bus go up and down. X 2 Standing still. Travelling around the pool
Encourage child to paddle
 side to side ears in the water
blowing bubbles
Station/ Travelling. 
Front / back swim
Big float use for bridge taking car around for a swim they can throw car and swim to car x 2 on front x 2 on back use toy to distract them.
Paddle and kick to toy, 
Ears in the water
Looking up at the ceiling
Travelling around the pool.
Big hoop
Going on a train ride and when they get to hoop name ready go and swim through the hoop (tunnel)
Name ready go.
Make sure child is ready.
At one end of the pool.
Play time
 4 minutes
Goodbye songTEDDY BEAR
On the spot.