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Warm Up FAST, no explanation or details, they know the warm up by now. Add two widths of front crawl and backstroke with tumble turns.

Main Theme see below 15 minutes

Contrast 5 minutes

Playtime Climbing ropes can be lowered 5 minutes

Full Stroke backstroke with silent, little finger entry.

Proper front crawl, introducing breathing every 3 strokes.

Breaststroke with glide. Recap as required.

Full stroke Butterfly 

If the arms clear the water, move them up. If not, follow the lesson plan

Flippers on 

Head up, Head down. Head goes down and sends a ripple down the body. The body bends then the head comes up to breath.

“Like a seal or a dolphin”

The legs should just follow the body. Once they have mastered this you can start to work on the arms. the key is the head movement, everything follows that.

Hold the arms out in front of your body until you are ready to breath”

Swimmers breath every stroke at the same timing as breaststroke. Except that the arms keep pushing back until they reach the air.

Repeat as required, emphasis on the arms pushing back until they are straight. 

The following drill needs shallow water:

“Arms behind your back, throw your arms forward so they go in first and dive like a dolphin and push your bottom up towards the ceiling.

Think of a picture of a dolphin diving through the air and into the sea.

Keep your arms in front until they break the surface. Then stand up”

Repeat till perfected.

Next check that they are blowing out underwater and move to the next stage.

As your hands break the surface, pull them back to where they started – behind your back and stand up”

Emphasise the acceleration backwards of the arms as far as they can go.

The final stage, if they have mastered it so far, is to repeat the movement without standing up!

To Progress from this group to Turtles, swimmers should have ASA legal backstroke, front crawl, breaststroke and butterfly and dive proficiently. Tiger sharks 1 Seal 3 and Otter 4 will be completed, Bronze Silver and Gold Challenges awarded.

Teaching plan, Shirley Swimming Pool 2021 Copyright West End Swim School Ltd