Breaststroke Drills

Ask the class for points of good technique that they know

Ping pong ball drill

Two kicks one pull

Feet first sculling – Fingers pointing at the toes, wrists rotating

Head up breaststroke

Head up breaststroke, arms only

Legs only on back

Legs only on front no arms

Legs only head up arms folded

Legs only head up arms behind back, heels to hands

Legs only, head own arms folded, keeping elbows high

Egg beater

Left arm, Right leg

Right arm, left leg

Lifesaving backstroke, hands raised

Towing partner, side stroke

Breaststroke Start and turn, finish

Least number of strokes competition, gliding exaggerated

Breaststroke legs, front crawl arms

Breaststroke legs, butterfly arms

Breaststroke legs, back stroke arms

Breaststroke arms, front crawl legs

Breaststroke arms, butterfly legs

One full stroke breaststroke, one full stroke fly and repeat

Breaststroke races