By far the most complex stroke to teach. There are no short cuts, bar those shown below. This is the first stroke where we demand “ASA Legal” stroke technique.

Swimmers will learn perfect breaststroke through high quality repetitive practices. Legs first then the arm action before combining to complete the full stroke. Use assistants to increase repetition of perfect practice.

Watch the breaststroke video:

Fast Warm Up 3 minutes  

Main Theme see below 17 minutes

Contrast 6 minutes

Playtime 4 minutes

After checking the other strokes in waves, the swimmers now attempt full stroke breaststroke one at a time.

If it is perfect, move them up. If not use two woggles- one in the hands, face down, one kick then breathe. Can they do the legs?

Now make a decision which practice they need, legs, arms or timing. 

All swimmers sit on the side & watch a demonstration using an assistant.

Tell the arms group to look at the arm action, leg group look at the feet.

Teaching the leg kick

Teaching the arms and breathing

The words we use to describe breaststroke are

Kick, glide, blow bubbles, breathe


Don’t forget to give out the homework

Is the stroke Still not right?

Extra tips for improving full stroke and corrective drills

To progress from this group, swimmers will be able to push dive unaided, show legal breaststroke and have achieved  Penguin 5, Seal 1-2 and Otter Diving 3. As part of those awards, a tumble turn and swimming through a hoop on the bottom of the deep shows they are ready for butterfly.

Teaching plan, Shirley Swimming Pool 2021 Copyright West End Swim School Ltd