Beginners are non swimming school age children. They normally stay in the small pool until they are swimming a length on their front & back and have air control through their nose.

The aim is always good flat body position on the front and back and a correct leg kick.

Watch the video here

Introduction 2 minutes

Underwater bubbles 2 minutes

Warm Up 4 minutes

Main theme see below 12 minutes

Floating Animal fair 2 minutes

Contrast activity 3 minutes

Playtime 4 minutes

Pirate song 1 minute

First they attempt to swim, in waves. Give them names or numbers.

Legs only on the back “Chin up, Tummy up, toes up.”

If they can do this try arms as well

Same on front.

Now you have assessed them, work in waves or a continuous circle.

Start by using a woggle, then progress to two floats, one float, no float on back and front. Move them on only when they are ready.

Constantly encourage eyes down, blowing and fast feet.

If they are swimming unaided, you can start to introduce basic front crawl, and backstroke.

To progress from this group they should swim be able to swim 5m legs only backstroke and flat on their front attempting windmill arms.