Reinforcing sound basic technique in backstroke, introducing a simple front crawl and starting to dive.

Although the children will continue to improve backstroke, this level is mainly about mastering basic front crawl, what we call “blow, blow, back and breathe.” This is the second level group in the main pool and they will stay in here until they are happy and comfortable in the skills listed below. You will need nose clips. 

Watch the video

Introductory Activity 2 minutes  -make it fun and fast!

Warm Up 5 minutes

Main Theme see below 14  minutes

Contrast 5 minutes

Playtime 4 minutes 

Full Stroke backstroke – “ear, side, don’t forget to kick

Look at the stroke – they should be swimming one width unaided with arms and legs

“Stiff arms and Fast feet” “Chin up, tummy up, toes up”

Blow, blow, back and breathe. Assess the stroke – check underwater for breath control, above the water for arm and leg actions. If mastered, consider them for progression to Front crawl

If backstroke is weak then recap, using an assistant if available. 

If basic FC is weak, use the basic front crawl plan

Bobbing and blow bubbles

Lateral rolling

“Now let’s try that lying down, arms by your side, blowing bubbles at the fishes and rolling over to breathe.

With flippers on, simple rolling action, straight like a soldier and humming as they turn to keep water out of the nose.

The teacher assists kids by holding the head, one hand near the throat feeling for bubbles, and restricting head lift on the roll. 

“Hummmm as you turn, hummm as you turn back”

Once comfortable, and send them in waves, looking underwater for bubbles.

“Blow bubbles at the fishes, say hello to the birds”

Add the arms back in now. Start by identifying which hand they write with,

“That is your breathing arm, say hello to it. Always start with that arm on the wall”

“One big arm, two big arms, roll on to your back to breathe – Blow, blow, back & breathe”

Remove the flippers and test the full stroke – Blow, blow, back and breathe

To progress from this group they should swim 50m full stroke backstroke, and pass Penguin 1 and 2. They must be capable of a somersault unaided, without distress. They should be comfortable jumping in and swimming in the deep end. They will have a strong backstroke and a good basic front crawl – enough to swim 100m (25 FC, 75 BK)