Baby classes

We believe in creating a happy, positive and safe aquatic environment for parent and children to bond, learn and develop together.

Unlike on land, there is no restriction for free movement in the unique environment of water, therefore allowing babies and toddlers early development and learning: Physically, Intellectually and Socially.

“We teach you to teach your baby to swim”

The combination of a progressive structured lesson plan, activities and games with songs and toys, make learning fun and exciting.

Respect is the key to happiness and confidence and a life long love of water!

For best practice as a swim school, there must be continuity in our lessons and between teachers , so lessons run effectively. It is important we are following the same main lesson structure and progressive practices.

There must also be consistency between teachers with information and the knowledge given to parents – this includes CUE words, advice we give, names of holds and demonstrations.  

It shouldn’t matter which lesson a parent and child attends.  The parent should feel the quality of lessons, quantity of activities, key information and directives are the same in each lesson attended.

When giving instructions for activities and games remember parents need to know the purpose of the activity…

What the skill is, the overall goal is and the progressive practices to get there.  Parents then have the knowledge to support their babies and toddlers, learning new skills and encourage them to progress in the water.  

Through repeating skills, watching closely in all activities and most importantly with the teachers help, all parents should know where their child is on a progressive level, in each main skill area. 

Teachers should be constantly assessing each child during lessons.  Knowing their abilities, mood and engaging with quick advise and feedback to all parent-baby pairs during activities. 

When practising skills remind them it is about working at their baby or toddlers pace and experience level.  Our lessons are designed to help build positive bonding experiences in the unique environment of water.  Respecting the baby’s wishes is the key to happiness and confidence in the water. 

Lastly be engaging and enthusiastic in your presentation of activities/games/songs – often it’s OUR on-going encouragement, smiles and positivity that keeps the simple games we play exciting and so much fun! 

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