Babies and Toddlers using Woggles

With one Woggle

One woggle boat – baby lies with chest on the woggle with woggle under both arms

Parent and baby together in boat – Woggle in front of parent with ends tucked under their armpits, making a circle in front for baby – parent holds baby’s waist to support, can use knee support too until comfortable in position.

Older babies/toddlers can have their own woggle independence.

Launch from steps on 1 woggle.

Knotted woggle ring – tie a knot in the woggle and place baby/toddler through creating a ‘rubber ring effect’ – parents support seat for young babies.

Seahorse/ Horsey ride – Straddling the woggle and sit on like a horse, can be done on own, with parent support or together with parent.

Parent is supported with woggle under their arms (with ends behind them) while holding baby front facing hold

Parent is supported with woggle underarms and around their back with baby/toddler sits on parents tummy. Parent can keep feet on floor, or float/swim.

Use the woggle to collect toys in.

Use woggle to support walking toddlers – just hand/s on for stability.

2 short woggles

2 short woggles: create a boat supporting baby/toddlers underarms with the two separate woggles.

Parent is supported with woggles under their arms, while holding baby front facing hold.

Toddlers to walk and get feet off the floor/swim with 2 woggles under armpits for support.

Parents hold woggles and approach toddlers on the steps encouraging them to hold on and launch from steps.

Toddler sits on steps with the 2 woggles under armpits and launches themselves into the water parent or towards toy.