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20th August, Dolphins session cancellation

Unfortunately the dolphins session at 4.30pm has had to be cancelled, due to staff shortages. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

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Star Swimmer Delilah

Little Delilah Wadsworth (6) had a few lessons at a school-based swim school in Southampton, but her parents knew that it didn’t hold a light to the lessons they had left behind in their native London borough.

Delilah had been a member of the Swimming Nature School, a hugely successful operation with 4000 weekly students in London. After a 5 day crash course at Shirley Pool in October half term, Delilah was able to progress from her previous highest swimming award of 50m to achieve her 1 mile badge. Her delighted mum said “This swim school is very similar to Swimming Nature in its approach to teaching swimming; I am really pleased with Delilah’s progress.”

Shirley Pool Managing Director David Perry replies “I take that as a huge compliment. I have long been an admirer of Swimming Nature, one of my lads worked for Swimming Nature in his student days and we have a mutual ethos in teaching swimming. Delilah’s success is because she has the correct body position which makes learning the Frontcrawl breathing easier.”

Delilah NOV

Delilah is a star swimmer!

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Shirley Pool MD David Perry escapes from Alcatraz and the sharks!

Congratulations to Shirley Swimming Pool Managing Director David Perry, who recently completed the Escape from Alcatraz swim.

The swim consists of 1.5 miles of strong currents, freezing water temperatures and the constant threat of shark attack!

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Brownsea Island 2015

Chris Cole completed the swim in 2Hrs04mins, remembering his first lessons as he did so “I can clearly remember waiting nervously by the small pool for my first lesson, watching the lane swimmers going up and down, thinking that if I could just do one length like that then I’d be delighted. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I could achieve anything like this.”

Ash Christopher went on to have the 5th in the non-wetsuit category in a time of 1:47:54, shortly behind the fastest Seadog: David Perry who was 9th overall in the age group, finishing in a time of 1:47:17.

Another debutant, Julia Maddock finished 12th in her age group with a respectable time of 1:54:43. Also swimming for the first time was Julie Grey, battling through injury to achieve an 11th place age group finish in 2:18:08.

Dean Katwell brought up the rear guard for the Shirley Pool Seadogs, finishing in a time of 2:20:33.


The next challenges for the Seadogs:

  • Escape from Alcatraz: 22nd August

  • River Itchen Biathlon: 5th September

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Presentation Evening 2015

This year’s Presentation Evening was held at the Southampton Sports Center and was attended by over 100 people.

A big thank you to everyone who brought food along to the event, this was greatly appreciated and enjoyed by all.

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Shirley Swimming Pool Swim School 25m Gala Results 2015

Girls Results

25m Backstroke

1st Louisa Hibberd 36.46

2nd Isobel Sluman 37.99

3rd Lolah Manning 38.25

4th Violet Christopher 39.25

5th Jorja Grundy 39.52

6th Bethan Wilby 40.15

7th Alana Maddock 40.18

8th Evie Lloyd 43.11

9th Phoebe Jones 44.26

10th Florence Page 45.39

11th Holly Hughes 48.61

12th Bethany Sweetnam 56.02

25m Frontcrawl

1st Isobel Sluman 38.48

2nd Lolah Manning 39.60

3rd Jorja Grundy 39.70

4th Florence Page 42.12

5th Evie Lloyd 43.56

6th Holly Hughes 43.62

7th Louisa Hibberd 47.55

8th Violet Christopher 53.12

9th Alana Maddock 53.44

10th Bethan Wilby 54.03

11th Pheobe Jones 56.73

25m Breaststroke

1st Florence Page 44.49

2nd Lolah Manning 51.57

3rd Holly Hughes 55.15

4th Alana Maddock 59.80

5th Evie Lloyd 1.06.76

6th Isobel Sluman 1.07.40

7th Phoebe Jones 1.07.42

8th Jorja Grundy 1.08.27

9th Louisa Hibberd 1.09.47

10th Bethan Wilby 1.17.92

11th Violet Christopher 1.39.92

25m Butterfly

1st Lolah Manning 46.82

2nd Florence Page 46.95

3rd Alana Maddock 56.31

4th Louisa Hibberd 57.85

5th Holly Hughes 1.00.79

6th Jorja Grundy 1.09.60

7th Isobel Sluman 1.15.19

8th Violet Christopher 1.22.80

9th Bethan Wilby 1.26.74

25m Backstroke

1st Emily Neil 25.28

2nd Lucy Jones 30.67

3rd Beth Broad 30.88

4th Hannah Lubel 31.46

5th Maddie Wyatt 33.76

6th Pippa Heyes 33.99

7th Grace Harding 34.15

8th Mila Hunt-Rakic 34.23

9th Emilia Dass 36.72

10th Rebecca Screech 43.21

11th Amy Bolt 50.08

25m Frontcrawl

1st Emily Neil 28.04

2nd Beth Broad 30.25

3rd Lucy Jones 32.13

4th Maddie Wyatt 32.97

5th Pippa Heyes 34.89

6th Grace Harding 36.18

7th Hannah Lubel 38.62

8th Emilia Dass 39.66

9th Mila Hunt-Rakic 45.63

10th Rebecca Screech 48.28

11th Amy Bolt 51.25

25m Breaststroke

1st Emily Neil 30.50

2nd Maddie Wyatt 37.42

3rd Lucy Jones 37.70

4th Pippa Heyes 46.13

5th Hannah Lubel 49.84

6th Beth Broad 51.20

7th Mila Hunt-Rakic 54.71

8th Rebecca Screech 57.78

9th Amy Bolt 1.02.07

10th Grace Harding 1.03.43

11th Emilia Dass 1.08.07

25m Butterfly

1st Emily Neil 35.21

2nd Lucy Jones 40.41

3rd Hannah Lubel 40.61

4th Maddie Wyatt 42.75

5th Pippa Heyes 45.67

6th Beth Broad 57.94

7th Mila Hunt-Rakic 58.83

8th Emilia Dass 1.02.12

9th Grace Harding 1.04.86

10th Rebecca Screech 1.09.13

11th Amy Bolt 1.12.71

25m Backstroke

1st Lucy Spencer 27.64

2nd Maya Wojcikiewicz 30.81

3rd Isabel Turner 31.65

4th Maisie Latham 32.54

5th Jamie Moroney 32.60

6th Raenielle Gil Baron 32.79

7th Louisa Ray 34.95

8th Marisa Bailey 37.95

9th Grace Kapambwe 42.97

25m Frontcrawl

1st Isobel Turner 29.72

2nd Maisie Latham 30.47

3rd Marisa Bailey 30.87

4th Raenielle Gil Baron 31.02

5th Jamie Moroney 32.69

6th Lucy Spencer 33.27

7th Louisa Ray 34.52

8th Maya Wojcikiewicz 36.91

9th Grace Kapambwe 46.06

25m Breaststroke

1st Maisie Latham 30.29

2nd Lucy Spencer 38.24

3rd Jamie Moroney 41.70

4th Maya Wojicikiewicz 44.43

5th Raenielle Gil Baron 45.69

6th Louisa Ray 47.53

7th Isobel Turner 50.27

8th Marisa Bailey 50.50

9th Grace Kapambwe 59.40

25m Butterfly

1st Maya Wojckikiewicz 36.89

2nd Jamie Moroney 38.04

3rd Maisie Latham 40.75

4th Marisa Bailey 44.28

5th Lucy Spencer 48.48

6th Raenielle Gil Baron 50.27

7th Isobel Turner 59.23

8th Louisa Ray 1.05.98

9th Grace Kapambwe 1.29.64

25m Backstroke

1st Kiara Santos 22.99

2nd Amy Sweetnam 23.26

3rd Polly Page 25.36

4th Hattie McHugh 25.70

5th Chloe Hillman 25.74

6th Natasha Mitchell 26.84

7th Alexandra Lamberio 28.03

8th Maia Hunter-Guest 28.75

9th Emma Bagg 29.13

10th Natalie Warren 30.87

11th Verity Telford 31.19

12th Samantha McNaughton 31.46

13th Adele Congreve 31.66

25m Frontcrawl

1st Amy Sweetnam 21.39

2nd Kiara Santos 21.92

3rd Maia Hunter-Guest 23.66

4th Hattie McHugh 23.66

5th Chloe Hillman 25.74

6th Natasha Mitchell 26.90

7th Verity Telford 27.82

8th Samantha McNaughton 28.22

9th Adele Congreve 29.31

10th Polly Page 29.92

11th Alexandra Lamberio 29.96

12th Emma Bagg 30.88

13th Natalie Warren 31.57

25m Breaststroke

1st Amy Sweetnam 29.14

2nd Natasha Mitchell 30.07

3rd Kiara Santos 32.89

4th Adele Congreve 34.62

5th Hattie McHugh 35.37

6th Polly Page 35.77

7th Natalie Warren 36.42

8th Samantha McNaughton 36.83

9th Verity Telford 37.38

10th Maia Hunter-Guest 37.46

11th Chloe Hillman 39.15

12th Alexandra Lamberio 39.85

13th Emma Bagg 46.85

25m Butterfly

1st Amy Sweetnam 25.59

2nd Kiara Santos 26.12

3rd Maia Hunter-Guest 30.08

4th Hattie McHugh 31.27

5th Natasha Mitchell 32.76

6th Chloe Hillman 34.75

7th Samantha McNaughton 36.42

8th Polly Page 36.90

9th Alexandra Lamberio 37.19

10th Natalie Warren 37.75

11th Adele Congreve 43.64

12th Emma Bagg 47.17

13th Verity Telford 49.65

25m Backstroke

1st Freya Manning 21.61

2nd Lydia Barucka 24.91

3rd Sarah Findley 25.68

4th Bryony Rhodes 28.54

5th Mia Tarrant 28.57

6th Gwen Ragpala 29.26

7th Lara Prince 29.66

8th Hayley Chimoyo 34.52

25m Frontcrawl

1st Freya Manning 19.52

2nd Lydia Barucka 22.83

3rd Mia Tarrant 26.73

4th Bryony Rhodes 27.15

5th Sarah Findlay 28.79

6th Lara Prince 28.84

7th Hayley Chimoyo 28.91

8th Gwen Ragpala 31.56

25m Breaststroke

1st Freya Manning 28.80

2nd Lydia Barucka 28.90

3rd Bryony Rhodes 34.77

4th Gwen Ragpala 36.58

5th Sarah Findlay 38.69

6th Lara Prince 41.53

7th Mia Tarrant 45.65

8th Hayley Chimoyo 52.30

25m Butterfly

1st Freya Manning 24.43

2nd Lydia Barucka 28.65

3rd Hayley Chimoyo 38.26

4th Mia Tarrant 41.27

5th Gwen Ragpala 42.21

6th Bryony Rhodes 45.29

7th Lara Prince 45.90

8th Sarah Findlay 46.72

Boys Results

25m Backstroke

1st Ethan Pearce-Williams 33.66

2nd Luke Butson 40.40

3rd Harry Spencer 50.16

4th Harry Hegedus-Adkin 51.11

5th Cooper Curtis 1.02.13

6th Oscar Spradbery 1.02.40

25m Frontcrawl

1st Ethan Pearce Williams 35.27

2nd Luke Butson 35.77

3rd HarryHegedus-Adkin 55.08

4th Oscar Spradbery 57.98

5th Cooper Curtis 1.02.68

6th Harry Spencer 1.13.01

25m Breaststroke

1st Luke Butson 49.74

2nd Ethan Pearce-Williams 53.90

3rd Harry Hegedus-Adkin 57.82

4th Cooper Curtis 59.52

5th Oscar Spradbery 1.07.01

6th Harry Spencer 1.17.92

25m Butterfly

1st Luke Butson 54.44

2nd Ethan Pearce-Williams 55.35

3rd Oscar Spradbery 56.05

4th Cooper Curtis 56.21

5th Harry Hegedus-Adkin 1.04.56

6th Harry Spencer 1.27.48

25m Backstroke

1st Adam Sadler 29.51

2nd Jack Hunter-Guest 30.01

3rd James Mobley 31.41

4th William Maughan 32.03

5th Luke Sweetnam 32.79

6th Mario Spetseris 33.13

7th Callum Aitken 33.81

8th George Connell 37.51

9th Finlay Lebourne 46.68

10th Joshua Robinson 53.15

25m Frontcrawl                 

1st William Maughan 29.65

2nd James Mobley 32.51

3rd Jack Hunter-Guest 32.93

4th Callum Aitken 34.13

5th Mario Spetseris 34.80

6th Adam Sadler 35.93

7th George Connell 37.62

8th Luke Sweetnam 42.11

9th Joshua Robinson 46.53

10th Finlay Lebourne 1.09.61

25m Breaststroke

1st James Mobley 43.79

2nd Mario Spetseris 44.07

3rd William Maughan 48.73

4th Callum Aitken 49.63

5th Jack Hunter-Guest 50.79

6th Adam Sadler 52.12

7th Luke Sweetnam 52.49

8th George Connell 55.61

9th Joshua Robinson 1.08.18

10th Finlay Lebourne 1.24.64

25m Butterfly

1st William Maughan 29.24

2nd Mario Spetseris 42.47

3rd Jack Hunter-Guest 43.15

4th James Mobley 55.42

5th Luke Sweetnam 56.01

6th Callum Aitken 57.23

7th Adam Sadler 58.00

8th Joshua Robinson 59.19

25m Backstroke

1st Nathan Lewis 25.64

2nd Alex Butson 27.58

3rd Lucas Curtis 28.51

4th Barnaby Pape 29.83

5th Alex Hegedus-Adkin 30.28

6th Harry Rasor 32.17

7th Iwan Cave 33.02

8th Arthur Clark 33.13

9th Kian Hughes 34.31

10th Henry Williams 35.27

11th Michail Zakajevs 35.44

12th Finlay Graydon 35.53

13th Harry Wright 37.37

14th Joshua Spradbery 38.80

25m Frontcrawl

1st Alex Butson 23.21

2nd Nathan Lewis 24.99

3rd Harry Rasor 27.74

4th Alex Hegedus-Adkin 28.18

5th Lucas Curtis 28.70

6th Arthur Clark 28.87

7th Iwan Cave 32.06

8th Henry Williams 32.33

9th Barnaby Pape 34.94

10th Kian Hughes 35.08

11th Joshua Spradbery 36.85

12th Finlay Graydon 41.41

13th Michail Zakajevs 41.93

14th Harry Wright 48.23

25m Breaststroke

1st Alex Butson 32.90

2nd Alex Hegedus-Adkin 33.28

3rd Nathan Lewis 35.33

4th Harry Rasor 35.36

5th Henry Williams 42.34

6th Kian Hughes 42.65

7th Arthur Clark 44.66

8th Finlay Graydon 45.41

9th Lucas Curtis 46.20

10th Barnaby Pape 47.13

11th Harry Wright 52.02

12th Michail Zakajevs 55.31

13th Joshua Spradbery 55.36

14th Iwan Cave 1.12.24

25m Butterfly

1st Alex Butson 29.93

2nd Nathan Lewis 32.55

3rd Alex Hegedus-Adkin 40.60

4th Lucas Curtis 41.12

5th Harry Rasor 43.73

6th Barnaby Pape 43.88

7th Henry Williams 51.59

8th Kian Hughes 51.86

9th Finlay Graydon 52.37

10th Arthur Clark 59.92

11th Harry Wright 1.00.59

12th Joshua Spradbery 1.00.81

13th Michail Zakajevs 1.09.10

14th Iwan Cave 1.20.84

25m Backstroke

1st Ethan Grundy 21.98

2nd Zakhos Lakkas 24.59

3rd Marley Harris 25.10

4th Caleb Lloyd 25.99

5th George Heyes 26.97

6th Bevan Woolley 28.89

7th Fred McHugh 28.93

8th Jack Cornick 29.24

9th Gurdev Rathor 31.81

10th Daniel Fallows 33.17

11th Martin Neves 38.94

12th Eoin Williams 44.43

13th Radley Goodridge 45.61

14th Satvick Shrivastava 53.53

25m Frontcrawl

1st Ethan Grundy 20.70

2nd Zakhos Lekkas 21.75

3rd Marley Harris 25.42

4th Bevan Woolley 25.65

5th George Heyes 26.70

6th Caleb Lloyd 29.29

7th Fred McHugh 29.65

8th Gurdev Rathor 30.76

9th Jack Cornick 31.70

10th Martin Neves 31.96

11th Daniel Fallows 35.86

12th Eion Williams 39.72

13th Radley Goodridge 47.48

14th Satvick Shrivastava 56.38

25m Breaststroke

1st Marley Harris 30.10

2nd Ethan Grundy 30.29

3rd Zakhos Lekkas 31.07

4th George Heyes 31.73

5th Fred McHugh 35.50

6th Eoin Williams 39.42

7th Bevan Woolley 39.99

8th Caleb Lloyd 41.87

9th Jack Cornick 43.67

10th Daniel Fallows 46.57

11th Martin Neves 54.62

12th Gurdev Rathor 1.01.69

13th Radley Goodridge 1.06.03

14th Satvick Shrivastava 1.14.75

25m Butterfly

1st Ethan Grundy 27.17

2nd George Heyes 30.09

3rd Zakhos Lekkas 34.45

4th Marley Harris 35.67

5th Bevan Woolley 36.43

6th Fred McHugh 37.37

7th Jack Cornick 49.07

8th Daniel Fallows 50.12

9th Caleb Lloyd 50.97

10th Martin Neves 52.30

11th Radley Goodridge 1.01.14

12th Gurdev Rathor 1.03.27

13th Eoin Williams 1.06.16

14th Satvick Shrivastava 1.14.92

25m Backstroke

1st James Cummings-Candal 23.35

2nd Dionisio Cardoso 29.31

3rd Joseph Clark 29.94

4th Thomas Cave 32.34

25m Frontcrawl

1st Joseph Clark 22.62

2nd James Cummins-Candal 22.85

3rd Dionisio Cardoso 24.81

4th Thomas Cave 34.82

25m Breaststroke

1st Joseph Clark 32.66

2nd James Cumming-Candal 33.42

3rd Dionisio Cardoso 34.75

4th Thomas Cave 58.13

25m Butterfly

1st James Cummins-Candal 30.21

2nd Joseph Clark 35.42

3rd Dionisio Cardoso 42.87

4th Thomas Cave 43.19

Mixed Results

25m Backstroke

1st Jasmine Undecimo 20.94

2nd Alisha Spencer 25.79

3rd Emma Cornick 27.78

4th Loryn Bolt 27.86

5th Bryce Manliguez 30.11

6th Beth Norman 30.30

25m Frontcrawl

1st Jasmine Undecimo 18.98

2nd Emma Cornick 24.71

3rd Loryn Bolt 25.44

4th Alisha Spencer 27.68

5th Bryce Manliguez 28.86

6th Beth Norman 36.73

25m Breaststroke

1st Loryn Bolt 31.51

2nd Jasmine Undecimo 34.73

3rd Emma Cornick 36.23

4th Alisha Spencer 39.01

5th Beth Norman 43.76

6th Bryce Manliguez 49.89

25m Butterfly

1st Jasmine Undecimo 30.65

2nd Loryn Bolt 36.58

3rd Alisha Spencer 37.57

4th Emma Cornick 42.75

5th Bryce Manliguez 43.03

6th Beth Norman 1.09.83

25m Backstroke

1st Daisy Gray 23.03

2nd Joby Matthew 24.36

3rd Nicola Kwiatkowska 28.28

4th Rhea Pangli 30.07

25m Frontcrawl

1st Daisy Gray 20.84

2nd Nicola Kwiatkowska 22.13

3rd Joby Matthew 23.55

4th Rhea Pangli 31.25

25m Breaststroke

1st Daisy Gray 32.10

2nd Nicola Kwiatkowska 32.27

3rd Joby Matthew 34.07

4th Rhea Pangli 42.15

25m Butterfly

1st Nicola Kwiatkowska 26.55

2nd Daisy Gray 28.03

3rd Rhea Pangli 49.81

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National Schools Biathlon Championships 2015

Three Southampton Dolphins S.C. swimmers qualified for the National Schools Biathlon Championships which were held at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London on the 28th and 29th March 2015.

Kate Baxter (11) and Fae Thompson (11) competed in the 12yrs girls’ age group consisting of a 50m swim and 800m run, whilst Max Nugent (14) competed in the 14yrs boys’ age group which consisted of 100m swim and 1600m run. The swimming section of the biathlon took place in the Aquatic Centre and the 50m Olympic pool which was a fantastic experience for the young Dolphins.

Fae swam first and won her 50m freestyle heat with a personal best time of 32.50 seconds. Kate also swam well and achieved a personal best of 31.90s. After the swim Kate was in 10th Place with Fae not far behind in 16th out of 127 girls competing in their age group.

Next for the girls was an 800m run. Fae came second in a close heat with a personal best of 2.56.46. Kate ran an amazing heat, leaving the others girls far behind, in a fantastic personal best of 2.45.56.

This took Kate up to an excellent 7th place finish overall with Fae achieving a creditable 24th place nationally.

Max Nugent competed the next day in the 14yrs age group and performed very well, finishing in 15th place nationally in a strong age group of 72 boys. Max swam a personal best of 1.02.04s in the 100m freestyle placing him 9th and 6.03.71 placing him 38th in the 1600m run, 15th overall.

Final Positions

12yrs Girls

Kate Baxter – 7th (2465pts)

50m Swim         31.90        10th

800m Run         2.45.56     8th

Fae Thompson – 24th (2282pts)

50m Swim         32.50        16th

800m Run         2.56.46     48th


14yrs Boys

Max Nugent – 15th (2272pts)

100m Swim      1.02.04     9th

1600m Run       6.03.71     38th


Full results available from

Chris White, Head Coach Southampton Dolphins SC
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Distance Sessions

30th May 2015 14:30 – 16:30

We are running our next distance session on the 30th May 2015. There are limited spaces available, please see reception to book. We are currently operating an ‘interest list’ system whereby we ask for an email address and any distance badges the children have already done. Once the list is full we will then take bookings from the list.

The price of the session will be £3.75 per swimmer.

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