Aquanatal Classes

Shirley Pool introduces our new weekly Aquanatal classes

Aquanatal classes are a fun, safe form of exercise for pregnant mums in their 2nd & 3rd trimester

Our classes begin with a gentle warm-up before leading into a cardio section and ending with a relaxing segment

45-minute classes with our qualified aquafit instructor AJ

  • Wednesdays with AJ

  • 11am – 11.45am

Starting 25th April

Book here

A medical consent form must be signed prior to attending by either your GP or Midwife


Reduces lower back pain and swelling in the ankles, feet, hands, and fingers

Increasing blood flow to the placenta provides your baby with more oxygen & nourishment

Great stress buster aiding to the release of endorphins helping keep your baby relaxed

Cooling due to the water temperature being lower than body temperature.
Maintains muscular strength especially back, bottom and thighs.

Maintain cardiovascular fitness keeping HR at a lower intensity than normal.

Improves posture and helps relieve backache.

Reduce the risk of gestational diabetes

Helps reduce hypertension

Helps prevent physical and emotional stress (pregnancy is one of the most
psychologically stressful events in life)

Eases constipation

Reduces varicose veins

Helps to improve sleep

Prepares for birthing event – stronger muscles, fitter CV system

Helps prevent permanent physical problems for the back and pelvic floor

May encourage a shorter labour