Woggles, animals floats, animals toys 

Activity PracticesTeaching PointsOrganisation
WARM UP SONGHAPPY AND YOU KNOW ITSplash hands, splash toes, have a shower, bubbles, jump up and down and then swim around pool.
Front and back swimSwim to floats paddle, paddle, kick, kick. Collect floats swim on back stick on to big floats.
Paddle, paddle, kick, kick.
Ears in the water.
Cross the pool.
JumpsSwim to floats paddle, paddle, kick, kick. Collect floats swim on back stick on to big floats.Child hold wall for 5 seconds. Elbow, elbow tummy, knees, turn around and face me.
Jumping side.
MonkeyHolding on to the wall, Monkey around to stepsHolding the side with 2 hands, Teaching them safe travelling in the water.circuit
crawling or swimming Older children pretending to be crocodiles across the steps blowing bubbles. (Laying down on second step) Younger children parents holding and facing the child and blow bubbles 
Encourage child to blow bubbles.

Walking down the steps Walking down the steps bottom step name ready go and under the water, paddle, paddle, kick, kick then back to monkey again  Younger child just name, ready, go and swim to the side, then back to monkey again
Slow walking, NO jumping, name ready go.circuit
Floating / front swimI’m a little star fish on my back, I’m a little star fish nice and flat, I’m a little star fish on my back flip me over just like that. 3,2,1 roll over paddle, paddle, kick, kick. X2 
Floating on the spot 3,2,1, paddle, paddle, kick, kick travelling around the pool.

Front swim Throw a toy and paddle and kick to toy, throw again.No paddling or kicking no moving them Travelling 
Play time
 4 minutes
Goodbye songTEDDY BEAR
On the spot.